If you’re new to the world of phone dating and never had phone sex before, you may be nervous that you will say something wrong or have awkward silences throughout your phone date. In the beginning, phone sex may seem daunting because you’re not sure what to say and you may be used to in-person sex, which is a lot of movement and less speaking. The most important advice to follow is be yourself. If you are yourself and bring yourself to the table when you’re having phone sex you will do just fine. Be sure to open up and relax and have fun.

One tip for less awkwardness is to speak to your phone partner before you have phone sex about your lack of experience. This will give more information to your new phone friend and they will likely be easy on you and help you and you can connect with them and have fun during phone sex.

Another tip for no awkwardness during phone sex is to be open and communicate how you are feeling and what you like. This may only cause some awkwardness if your phone partner and you have different interests when it comes to sexual play. In order to make this easier and not have any surprises, you may speak to your phone friend about what interests you both sexually to see if you’re on the same page. If you are not, maybe you or your phone friend or both of you are open to trying each other’s sexual pleasures.

You can always create a safe word between you and your phone partner before phone sex. This allows safety and allows on to stop what is going on if it’s not their cup of tea. Allow your voice to calm the other person down if they become nervous or say the safe word and you’ll be just fine.