It’s very sad to say, but one of the biggest taboos of our society is the relationship between sex and disability. Taboos and stigma, as well as the media, lead many people to still consider disabled people as sort of asexual.

There’s nothing more wrong than this, and our growing phone sex community knows it well. Everyone can be a great sexual partner, regardless of the ability of their own body!

However, people with certain kinds of disability may feel frustrated when dating in person. For example, the place where you planned to meet your new crush could not be accessible with a wheelchair.

That’s where sex chat lines come in very handy. You’re guaranteed to find there plenty of open-minded kinksters that will help you live out your most hidden sexual fantasies, without leaving the comfort and accessibility of your own home!
Plus, you get more intimacy in comparison with online dating because you get to hear the other person’s voice, instead of reading cold text messages on your smartphone’s screen. This way, things will feel less awkward at the point where you decide to talk openly about your disability.

Of course, we always recommend that you are honest about your condition. If you keep it hidden, your sex line crush will feel like you lied to them when it will come the time to meet in person. But obviously, if you’re only looking for some healthy dirty talk fun, and you’re not interested in knowing them better, you can do however you feel more comfortable. Engage in some naughty sex over the phone. Nothing can prevent you to live your best sex life!

Thanks to our local mobile chat lines you can decide to meet only folks who live near you: this way, if you decide to meet in person, you can choose a familiar accessible place where you’re sure you can relax without worrying about environmental barriers.

If you are instead from the other side of the phone, engaging with a disabled person on a sex call line, try clearing your mind from stigma and stereotypes, and be a good listener. What does your sex chat buddy like and dislike? What’s their biggest sexual fantasy? Communication is always the best way to enjoy a fulfilling, incredibly fun dirty talk over the phone.