One of the best things about being a part of the phone dating community, are the people. Many people on the chat lines are truly in their element and can express what they want and who they are accurately. I have learned so much about who I am and what I want by being talking to others and hearing others stories and desires. I have learned to be more open and not care what others think about my truth. I had some trouble being in total alignment with who I am because I want to make every person happy and I kinda have molded myself to change based on who I was dating or hanging out with in the past. But the chat lines have taught me to own who I am, my faults, and my good attributes, and my unique desires. You can find people to speak about any subject that you want to talk about and make genuine connections. As you are instantly connected to another person after you call the chat lines, you can have as many phone friends as you want!

The chat lines are open 24 hours a day and every day of the week and you can speak to people who live in your area or who live in other countries. You never know who you will meet on the chat lines and what kind of conversation you may find yourself in. If you’re not sure what you want, the chat lines are a great way to explore. Often by hearing others stories, people can feel more connected to self and the world at large. If you know what you want there are so many opportunities to get just that. There are people on the chat lines who want similar things to you. But don’t take my word of any of this, best try it out yourself!