With all of us having a crazy nine to five schedule from Monday to Friday, there is often no time to meet people. The Internet has brought a convenient opportunity for us to meet as many people as we’d like. Having a platform where you could pick up the phone and immediately speak to like-minded people who are after the same thing is really convenient. There are also “no strings attached” so if you find you don’t get along with the person you speak to you could move on to the next person without feeling obligated or pressured emotionally.

I have gone on a awesome lunch date with an incredible women I met from the chat lines. Even though we did not connect intellectually we had hot steamy sex for desert. We decided to help each other out with our physical needs, no problem. After another couple of days I met somebody else and I didn’t have to deal with any uncomfortable feelings that she might feel rejected if I see her or not.

I get bored quickly, so this platform is ideal for me. I love the freedom to pick and choose who and what I want. If the other party is not into whatever I am into we just communicate this and move on. If I want to go on a double date with a friend of mine and the person I speak to on the phone is game for it will be fun and she can bring a friend, we might have a lot of fun or we might end up going home with each others dates. The sky’s the limit and our imagination defines the borders of modern day possibilities. I never need to be alone or too busy to find somebody to be with.