Whether you’re graduating High School or College, it’s a momentous time in life! The whole world is opening up to you in ways you’ve never experienced, and new horizons are just steps away. In addition, some of the major changes you’ll be facing hits much closer to home – you’ll be leaving behind the friends you’d made growing up, and entering brand new circles! For some graduates, making new friends in new places seems easy enough. But for some of us, meeting new people can be nerve wracking! You know you want and need the social support during the major transitions you’ll now be facing, and you definitely don’t want to come across with that “new kid” desperation. So, what’s the easiest way to introduce yourself to a whole new group of people, make connections, network, and even start dating, now that you’re on your own in a strange city? The answer is as close as that mobile device in your hand!

Chat rooms are an excellent and very efficient way to expand your social network! Unlike other social media sources, you never have to show your face, make short video pretenses about how fabulous you can make your life appear to be, post recipes and puppy gifs, or add hashtags that only show a surface level of community awareness and support. You literally dial in, and you’re instantly connected to thousands of real people that you can actually talk with! Get to know them by their voice, their laughs and sighs, instead of what they can type. Really start forging relationships before you ever have to meet up in person, so that when you do, it’s like you’re old friends exploring new ways to hang out! Put away your old ways of making friends with people because you’re stuck in a classroom with them. Close up those yearbooks that only make you long for the relationships of the past. Find your own path into the future – it starts with a simple phone call to breathe fresh air into your personal life! Join a chat room today!!