I have gone on many phone dates in my life. There were good dates and there were bad dates, but none of them compare to my very last date. I had been speaking on the phone with this girl for a couple of weeks and we both wanted to get to know each other over the phone first before we met in-person.

After two weeks of chatting on the hot chat line we finally decided to set up a date and we wet for dinner at a romantic French restaurant. I had seen a couple of photos of her on her through text messages, but none of them did justice to her striking beauty. She has thick long curly hair and piercing emerald green eyes that looked straight into my soul. It was mesmerizing. We spoke for hours staring at each other.

We had so much in common and pretty much wanted exactly the same things in life. Neither of us had kids although we were both in our 40’s. It turned out that she came from an incredibly wealthy family. They had estates all over the world. There was a villa in Spain, a mansion in France, a penthouse in New York a beach House in Cape Town and the list just went on and on. She wanted me to quit my job and visit all these places travelling the world with her. It was a dream come true.

Needless to say we ended up getting married but our relationship is pretty much open and we are not limited to only seeing each other. Although we love each other more than anybody else we do spice up our lives and date other people on our own or together, it just works. There is no jealousy or issues. Neither of us have hang ups about it. We have fun when we are together and when we are not.  We are happy and live very fulfilled lives.