Letting your partner know how “hot” they make you feel verbally stimulates all sexual vibrations.  “Baby lick my neck”, “touch my pussy” these little comments raise the hairs on my arms and make my panties wet.  You can have this anytime, anyplace on our 24/7 chat line. Raising the vibration verbally creates self-awareness and helps both partners communicate deeply from their sexual desires.  Letting the words flow out of your mouth into their ears diving deep into that we special spot. Maybe you want to purr or growl. Tell them you want them to nibble on your ear and kiss you neck.

Just relax and flow with your dirtiest fantasies by creating your wildest desires. By communicating clearly of what you want and by telling this person you are allowing the to please and satisfy you. You are allowed to do this.  You deserve to feel sexual and we want you to let it all out. We will provide you with an easy outlet that allows you to release your wild self!

Don’t think about it too much.  Say what you feel. If you want someone to lick your balls tell them.  Giving is much easier than receiving. Well in my case that is and I found in most cases men or women we all want to make each other cum;).

So why not tell each other in a sexy voice, purring, moaning, groaning and screaming “fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me”. This will in the future help in your love life all around.   Being able to flow through communications helps in all aspects of life. When we know what we want our energy is focused on getting it. Get that pussy wet and make each other cum.

Maybe you are on the phone and the tone of someone’s voice is to harsh for you liking. It’s no problem just hang up call back and use your words to let the new person know how exciting it makes you to be soft and gentle or ratchet and growling.  Haha, whatever you like it’s your phone party.