It was about four am when I woke up and realized that I am all alone in the world. I haven’t been on a date for over five years and the loneliness was catching up with me. It was suffocating me like slender invisible hands around my neck slowly squeezing every last breath out of me. In my desperate state for some reason I thought of phone sex. I reached for the phone and started talking to the sweetest voice I have ever heard expecting her to hang up at any moment. She slowly but surely nudged me out of the deep dark pit I was in.

With each word more and more light would fill my mind each soft spoken word gently pushed more and more hope into my existence. I couldn’t believe that somebody I have never met could understand me and make me laugh so easily. We spoke for hours joking around and sharing our most intimate secrets and desires. We related to pretty much everything about each other.

We were on different continents yet it felt like we were sitting next to each other. We were so intimate it felt like we were in the same room. An hour later I was feeling calm and happy. I never knew that a mere telephone conversation could do this much for a person psychologically. It was like therapy, but instead of a shrink sitting there having to listen to my shit, the person listening actually cared and was relating to me.

Needless to say, after another one or two phone calls we decided to meet and go on a date. Our relationship grew stronger and stronger over time and the emptiness that I once found within me was now filled with a loving partner. I live a much happier life now and every dark cloud has a silver lining.