This new technology in development at MU could extend your battery from about five hours to nearly 500 hours. A professor at MU and creator of the new technology said that, “phones could potentially last for years.” In the future, laptops and phones may be able to run for days on a single charge. This professor and his team are finding a new way for electronics to use their battery’s power. It’s obvious that the more energy the device uses, the more they tend to heat up. This professor figured out how to slow the amount of energy lost, which equals longer battery life.

This is all possible with his new magnetic diode, which will hopefully solve battery life problems. A diode is an electrical component that conducts electricity in one direction. To change the path of electricity, there is loss of energy, and it results in devices heating up or losing potential power to run smoothly. The MU team is saying when the technology is all finished that the devices will consume very little power and be cooler and stable, again leading to longer (real long) battery life.

The diode is not finished yet, but the folks over at MU think it will be ready to produce and sell in the next two years. In return they have been working on the magnetic diode for more than two years. He and his team are trying to get their new devices incorporated in electronics to keep them running cooler and more efficiently.

If this technology can really extend the battery life on your phone be 500 hours, our already busy phone lines would be off the hook. Anytime new technology comes around is great day for our phone chat lines and your dating life, more battery life means more minutes that can be spent talking to your potential hook up or date. Just like MU’s team, our dedicated team makes our live phone chat the greatest experience across the country.