With the holiday of love and definitely sex coming up this week Abby was feeling a little lonely. She had to work and couldn’t be at home where she wanted to be; she had even bought some new skimpy lingerie to make her self feel more sexy and alive. She wanted to get all the perks this year and she was going to make it happen. Abby had heard about the open minded and fun adult chat lines from a friend that used them last year. Her friend said the other people on the phone lines were open to talking about anything her heart desired and would love to hear about all the new things she bought for valentines day so, Abby was going to call and see what it was all about.
She was a little nervous at first dialing the number but soon, all those thoughts went out the window. Abby was connected to a sultry sexy man not too far away who also wanted to feel good on this special day. They chatted about the dinner they were having and shared a few glasses of wine together.
Then Abby started to tell him all about the new lingerie she bought. It was a tight little black set that cut right above her pussy. She was looking at herself in the mirror while she described it to him, the slope of the nighty and how it could barely contain her breasts, the new crotchless panties that came with it and how the lace felt against her skin. She told him how she wished someone would come and remove the crotchless panties with their teeth.
He let her know that he would love to and was hard just thinking about how she looked in it, she heard his voice get deeper as he started to touch himself to the thought of how she looked. Abby felt great and the more he talked about how he would lick and kiss her the more wet she got, Abby started to touch herself too, dripping all over the new lingerie, lost in the words and feelings.
By the end of the chat they were both in the throws of ecstasy, getting louder and louder, telling each other all about how and what they would do to each other. Abby felt amazing and sexy that night after she got off the phone, she had came more times that she imagined she could and she knew her phone chat partner did too. Maybe she would even call again next year with a new outfit and a new partner!
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