Who is Dove Cameron Dating?

If you’re curious about Dove Cameron’s personal life, you’ve probably wondered who she is dating right now. The actress has romanced seven people in her short life. Her two most recent boyfriends, Thomas Doherty and Ryan McCartan, lasted for three and four years, respectively. However, the two split in December 2020, and the actress hasn’t been linked to anyone new since then. However, it looks like Dove Cameron is dating some of her co-stars, including Ryan McCartan and Kiersey Clemons.

Who is Dove Cameron Dating
Who is Dove Cameron Dating?

Thomas Doherty

It’s official: Thomas Doherty and Dove Cameron have broken up. After dating for almost four years, the actors reportedly decided to call it quits in December 2020. Dove, who has recently worked on new music, is focusing on her career. In September 2021, she opened up about her dating life. In an interview, she gushed about her new love interest, Thomas Doherty.

The two haven’t been talking about their breakup, but they haven’t been keeping it to themselves. Thomas has been busy filming the HBO Gossip Girl reboot, due out in 2021. Meanwhile, Dove has been releasing music and has been seen kissing Alexander 23. However, they’ve not discussed their current relationship. Dove previously told Access magazine that she would keep her relationships private.

The two met in London, where they both lived, in March. Their relationship was born after their meeting and the two began showing each other love on social media. In April, Yasmin shared an Instagram story wishing Thomas a happy birthday and describing him as an “angel.” In May, the two attended the Grazia Gazette’s launch party in Montauk. In June, they shared a selfie together.

Kiersey Clemons

Dove Cameron has dated several men in the past. She is currently dating basketball player Kiersey Clemons, 27. The two are linked to each other after sharing a kiss on Snapchat and holding hands at an event. In January, the two showed off matching Tic-Tac-Toe tattoos on their pinkies. But they have never confirmed their relationship publicly. In August, Dove will reveal if she’s bisexual.

The two started dating over four years ago. The two first met on the set of Descendants 2. They traveled to Paris together and got matching tattoos. Although they have not confirmed their relationship, it has been widely reported that the two are a couple. Although it is still unclear if they are a couple, their cute photo shoots and adventures together have made their relationship look real.

Ryan McCartan

Dove Cameron has been dating Ryan McCartan for two years. The two are well known for their role in the Disney Channel show “Liv and Maddie.” They both starred in the movie with Samuel L. Jackson and Hailee Steinfeld. The actress was born on August 6, 1993 in Excelsior, Minnesota. The couple’s relationship was publicized in November 2015, and they became engaged on April 14, 2016.

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan first met on the set of “Liv and Maddie.” The relationship lasted three years, and they were engaged for six months. However, the two split in October 2016. Although the two are still friends, the breakup caused some shock among fans. They had been dating for a few years and had a child together. However, the split is still upsetting many fans.

Veronica St Clair

It appears that Dove Cameron is dating Veronica St Claire, the actress best known for her role as Riley Velez on NBC’s La Brea. In a verified Instagram post, the actress praised Clair, saying she was lucky to have met her so young. The two have been friends for several years. The adorable post quickly sparked speculation that the two are dating. They both share the same zodiac sign, Capricorn.

Dove Cameron was previously engaged to Ryan McCartan. The couple dated for three years before splitting in October 2016. However, after their breakup, Ryan accused Dove of cheating on him. In January 2020, Dove shared a cryptic tweet about “toxic people,” which did not appear to be a response to the allegations. However, it did make fans think otherwise. Regardless of whether Dove Cameron is dating Veronica St Clair, it is very likely that she and St Clair are just friends.

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