Who is Andrew Garfield Dating?

If you’re wondering who Andrew Garfield is dating now, you’re not alone. The actor is not alone when it comes to dating women. Alyssa Miller and Rita Stone are just a few of the actresses Andrew has been linked to. But there’s no telling who else he’s dating. There are also rumors that the actor is dating Irish actress Aisling Bea.

Who is Andrew Garfield Dating
Who is Andrew Garfield Dating?

Alyssa Miller

Despite rumors that they are no longer together, actor Andrew Garfield is still going strong with model Alyssa Miller. The couple recently attended the 2022 SAG Awards together. They were spotted out in Malibu before the awards ceremony. Alyssa Miller has been linked to several guys, including Jake Gyllenhaal. She was previously linked to Cam Avery and was reportedly married for a short time in 2018.

According to the rumors, the actor and the actress first linked up in November 2021. They later attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards together. While they didn’t walk the red carpet together, they were later seen together at other events. Both women wore matching black suits. However, the two haven’t confirmed their romance, despite the constant rumors. For now, they are just friends.

Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have been spotted kissing and cosying up in New York. The actors were seen at a BAFTAs pre-party and during the main ceremony. Andrew gushed about Emma during an E! premiere, when asked about their love for Battle Of The Sexes. In addition, the two share the world press tour for the new film The Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew and Emma were spotted together in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

After dating for four years, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield reunited on the set of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ They later became good friends and remained inseparable. Andrew Garfield also revealed an amusing anecdote about Tobey Maguire. The actor lied about his involvement in No Way Home for almost a year. Stone is also rumored to have been spotted kissing Andrew Garfield on the beach.

Rita Ora

Are Andrew Garfield and Rita Ora dating? They were spotted together in several movies, including Radar Online and String Romance. Several sources claimed that they had split after Garfield expressed his feelings for Rita. In addition to Rita Ora, Garfield has dated Christine Gabel and Aisling Bea. They have also been linked since the release of their movie Love, Simon.

Rumors of a romance between Garfield and Ora first surfaced in late November. A source close to Ora told The Sun that “things had been heating up,” but the two appeared to be content to let the rumor die. After being spotted shopping in London, Garfield and Ora sparked further rumors. While they remained silent about their relationship, the two were seen together again on Christmas Eve.

Shannon Woodward

It seems that Andrew Garfield has split up with actress Shannon Woodward. The two were dating for three years. Although their relationship was short-lived, it did spark some rumors. Apparently, the actress was trying to break up with Garfield because of the rumors that the two were cheating. The two split up, but the relationship has since re-emerged. Garfield is now dating Emma Stone, and Woodward is still single.

Since Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone split in 2015, the relationship has resurfaced. While Andrew Garfield has enjoyed a successful career, his relationship with Stone was not as easy as expected. The two first dated in 2011 while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming. Moreover, Garfield and Stone were spotted together in London just a few months later. However, they broke up a few months later. In the meantime, Ora has moved on to a new relationship with filmmaker Taika Waititi.

Susie Abromeit

There’s no way to tell for sure if Andrew Garfield is dating Susie Abromet without seeing her or asking her. The actor and the model have remained largely quiet about their relationship. The Daily Mail shared a few pictures of the two on a beach in Malibu. It may not be the beach kissing session Us Weekly reported, but the two looked very happy. It’s not clear if Abromeit is dating Garfield, but it’s a very unlikely scenario.

Andrew Garfield was spotted kissing Jessica Jones actress Susie Abromeit on a beach in Malibu. In the photos published by The Daily Mail, the actor was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and held onto the actress’ waist. While both celebrities have not confirmed their relationship status, rumors have been circulating about the two. Susie Abromeit once pursued a career in tennis but ended up in the entertainment industry.

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