Who Is Addison Rae Dating?

Addison Rae has gained a lot of fame in a short amount of time. The singer released a song, made friends with Kim Kardashian, and even starred in a movie. However, with her busy schedule and content creation, who is she dating? Addison Rae was recently out of a messy relationship with former NBC star Bryce Hall. But is the reality show actress dating anyone?

Who Is Addison Rae Dating
Who Is Addison Rae Dating?

Tanner Buchanan

The remake of 1999 teen comedy She’s All That stars Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan. This new movie is a gender-flipped reimagining of the popular film and stars the same actors in different roles. While it may not have the same chemistry as the original film, it’s still a likable rom-com. Both actors are believable and endearing.

While the cast of Cobra Kai may seem sexy, there’s no real negative blood between the two. Rae began as a TikTok star and has more than 81 million followers. Buchanan is a well-known actor, best known for his work in Cobra Kai and the sequel to the ’80s classic karate kid flicks.

Despite the teasing nature of the film’s storyline, the cast isn’t exactly in a relationship. While Tanner has kissed plenty of people on screen, he’s never been in a real relationship with a partner. His character, Tanner, shuts down his true self to become his character. In the process, he pulls inspiration from his own experiences.


If you’re wondering if Omer and Addison are dating, the answer is a resounding yes. In November, Omer and Addison posted a sweet photo on their Instagram stories, touching tongues. The two have been spotted together a few times before becoming public, and Addison’s post about her time with Omer is a testament to their love for one another.

The two started dating back in the fall of 2019, but their relationship was only revealed in January 2020. The two began appearing in one another’s videos shortly thereafter. They later announced their relationship in their vlogs, and confirmed it on New Year’s Day 2020. However, the couple split in February 2020. While they remained close, the drama soon escalated, and the relationship ended in February 2020.

Despite the recent news of the couple’s relationship, Omer and Addison have been close for a while. Omer’s fan base has exploded after he commented on Addison’s Instagram story, where the two can be seen kissing. The relationship has remained low-key, but it’s evident that they’re enjoying each other’s company. They have been photographed holding hands in Los Angeles, and their pictures have become widely popular.

An unnamed person

Rumors are swirling that an unnamed person is dating Addison, the singer and model who has been linked to many people on social media. The singer has denied dating anyone but has been spotted with an unnamed person several times. One of these times was when she was seen with TikTok star Bryce Hall, but the two quickly denied their relationship. However, the singer later clarified her relationship with Hall in an Instagram story.

The two were spotted together in June 2021, when Addison posted a photo to her Instagram account of them kissing in red lighting. Addison was also spotted with an unnamed person at an after-party for the Met Gala in Los Angeles on September 8.

Bryce Hall

The breakup between Bryce Hall and Addison RaĆ© has caused a lot of speculation. Both actors are social media influencers with massive fan bases. Besides that, they have a lot in common: both are models and musicians. Though they’re no longer in a romantic relationship, both actors have kept their friendship alive. Even though the couple’s relationship was doomed to fail, they still have some pictures of each other on Instagram.

The breakup came after Addison Rae accidentally referred to Bryce Hall as her “ex-boyfriend” during an interview. Hall’s reaction to the news was understandable; she seemed distressed. “Bryce, please don’t make this romance public, I need time to get my head together,” she told the person monitoring the lie detector. Ultimately, Hall and Rae opted to keep their romance off the books.

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