What Occupation Has the Best Sex Life For Single Women?

If you’re a single woman who wants to know what occupation has the best sex life, you’re not alone! A recent study of over 2,000 adults in the UK has revealed that some occupations are more sexy than others. Architects, hairdressers, and farmers were among those with the best sex lives. Architects had the most sex on a daily basis – almost twice as much as hairdressers.

What Occupation Has the Best Sex Life For Single Women
What Occupation Has the Best Sex Life For Single Women?


Many people have assumed architects don’t have good sex lives. But a recent survey reveals that architects have better sex lives than average. The reason for this is the length of architectural training: only one in ten women and one in five men had children before they qualified. In addition to the fact that architects have more leisure time, delaying parenthood is also beneficial for their professional careers.

According to the survey, a third of women and one-third of men wouldn’t recommend an architecture career to a friend or relative. However, attitudes toward the profession are different between men and women, with people in their early 20s more likely to encourage young architects to pursue a career in architecture. Among people in their forties and fifties, only one-fifth of respondents believes that women are paid better than men for the same job.

The survey also points out structural problems in the profession. Most architects complain about long training periods and low pay. A median age of qualification is 27. Solicitors take six years to complete their degree. It’s not clear if this problem is related to sex, but it is important to consider the career choice and its long-term financial implications. But there are many positives to being an architect.


The hairdressing industry has always been a hotbed for sexy moments, but the reality is more complex. Besides being the sexiest job in town, hairdressers are also the most likely to have a healthy sex life, according to Kate Stallard, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 16. The disease, which affects many women aged 30 to 50, limits the number of possible jobs and even prevents them from getting out of bed. However, it makes sex more intense and passionate.

Women tend to be very particular about their hair. This is especially true for hairdressers. The female gender is notoriously particular about their hair, so it is no surprise that their sex lives are equally meticulous. So how can they possibly have the best sex lives? First, pay attention to how they respond physically. Do they touch you or make you feel intimately? Do they show you the same level of attention that men give to their partners?

In the study, Stacey Mary Page interviewed several hairdressers in Adelaide, Australia. She found that the intimate nature of salons fosters open and honest conversations. Interestingly, clients are more willing to open up to hairdressers about their personal lives than to others. This means that these professionals act like makeshift counsellors and are often the first line of support in difficult situations. There are many benefits and risks associated with hairdressing, but a hairdresser should remember that she is not alone if they are experiencing emotional distress.

Interestingly, the relationship between clients and hairdressers is unique. While the two professionals spend hours together, their work often leaves them emotionally drained and undervalued. Despite the fact that they enjoy their work, they want better support to deal with the emotional aspects of their work. This lack of support and training could be detrimental to their overall wellbeing. They need to be aware of their feelings and their boundaries in order to provide their best care.

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