How Long to Wait For Sex After Yeast Infection Treatment

If you are suffering from a yeast infection, you must wait for several days before having sex. Generally, doctors recommend waiting for at least five to seven days after treatment.

How Long to Wait For Sex After Yeast Infection Treatment
How Long to Wait For Sex After Yeast Infection Treatment

This will ensure that your infection has cleared and your symptoms are gone. The length of the waiting period depends on the severity of your condition, but most people find it to be about one week. After the first five days, you can have sex.


The best way to treat a yeast infection is by addressing the symptoms as soon as they appear. While having sex during the treatment phase is technically possible, doctors recommend waiting until all of the symptoms are gone before engaging in sexual activity. The waiting period depends on your partner’s comfort level and how long it takes the antifungal medication to take effect. Typically, this is 7 days.

After taking an oral medication, you should wait a few days before engaging in sex. Doctors generally recommend waiting five to seven days after treatment to be sure that the infection is gone. This will help ensure that the treatment has been successful. Using a topical treatment will increase the risk of condom breakage. If you are having sex after undergoing treatment, make sure you wash your vagina after sex.


If you’re having a hard time deciding whether to have sex after treatment for a yeast infection, there are a few things you should know about this problem. Although yeast infections are not considered sexually transmitted diseases, they are still contagious. The overgrowth of bacteria and yeast in your partner’s mouth and vagina can cause a reaction, resulting in the symptoms associated with an STI.

In addition to using scented soaps and laundry detergents, having sex with a man with glans may cause your vaginal pH to become off-balance. The right pH balance helps the lactobacillus bacteria, which helps keep yeast in check, grow at the correct level. However, the changes can cause the candida fungus to multiply faster than normal, leading to a yeast infection.


How long does it take for sex following yeast infection treatment? The general rule of thumb is about five to seven days after treatment. This is based on the length of time it takes for the infection to clear up and your symptoms to go away. If the symptoms last for more than that, you should seek medical advice. If you’re still not sure, schedule an appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center.

While yeast infections are uncomfortable, they are not sexually transmitted. Sexual activity can change the microbiological environment, leading to a fungal infection. To remedy your infection, you must avoid the triggers and keep your personal hygiene good. Yeast infections can also be prevented by using the right products to treat the condition. There are OTC treatments and prescription medications available. You should choose the one that suits your needs best.


Whether you can have sex after yeast infection treatment depends on your partner’s comfort level and the type of medication you’re using. A topical treatment can increase the risk of condom breakage. While oral antifungals are less likely to cause problems, sex with your partner can be painful and inconvenient. So, wait for at least five days after treatment before having sex again.

In addition to the infection itself, sex can transmit it to the other partner. Men can catch yeast infection from women who have uncircumcised penises. However, uncircumcised men are more susceptible. Using condoms can reduce the risk of transferring the infection. Although doctors recommend not having sex after treatment, many people opt for this option when their symptoms are severe and sex has become impossible.

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