Who is Tom Cruise Dating?

The rumor mill is buzzing with several women Tom Cruise is rumored to be dating. From Hayley Atwell to Nicole Kidman to Elisabeth Moss and Katie Holmes, there’s no shortage of speculation about Cruise’s next fling. But who is he actually dating? We’ll answer this question in the next few paragraphs. For now, let’s just look at his past relationships.

Hayley Atwell

Although many have speculated about the relationship between Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell, they are not a couple. Apparently, the two are better friends than lovers. Despite this, the two have kept a low profile and have not confirmed their split. While the two did meet in the same film set, they have not confirmed their love story yet. Hayley is a vegetarian and Tom has been abstaining from alcohol for over a decade.

After splitting from Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell is now dating music producer Ned Wolfgang Kelly. The two have been spotted together at Disneyland and sharing some sweet pictures. Although they have been separated for a while, the two appeared to be enjoying their time together. While Tom Cruise is currently riding the high of the success of the Top Gun sequel, Atwell’s rumored new relationship with Kelly has been more complicated.

Nicole Kidman

If you’re curious about whether Tom Cruise is dating Nicole Kidman, you’re not alone. The actress recently broke her silence about her first marriage. In 1990, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman met on the set of Days of Thunder. After falling in love, they married and had two children together. The relationship is over, and Nicole blames the attention on their personal life on the media. However, the rumors about a new relationship with Tom Cruise are far from over.

A new report suggests that Cruise is dating the actress after the couple split in 2005. The actress and actor previously dated the American director, though the relationship was short-lived. They later separated in 2008 and began dating again. However, the relationship lasted only a few years. The actress revealed that she had an ectopic pregnancy after their split. After the split, she opened up about the difficulty of becoming a single mom.

Elisabeth moss

The rumors of a relationship between “Handmaid’s Tale” star Kate Moss and Tom Cruise aren’t new. The two have been in relationships before and in the past, Moss has joked that she is dating Cruise because of the “horror” of her job. But, did Tom Cruise really get the best woman in Hollywood? The answer is yes, but there is much more to it than meets the eye.

It all started when Cruise asked Moss out to a dinner party. Several tabloids printed a cover photo of the actress with Cruise. In a bizarre turn of events, Moss walked out of the awards ceremony. The actress was a runner-up in the category of “Most Beautiful Woman.” Tom Cruise has been married three times: to Mimi Rogers in 1987, to Nicole Kidman in 2001, and to Katie Holmes in 2006. Moss has previously been married to Fred Armisen, who he divorced in 2011. However, their relationship lasted 12 years.

Katie Holmes

Although they have been dating for over five years, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise haven’t been together for quite that long. After their split in July 2013, Holmes started dating Jamie Foxx again almost a year later. The couple dated privately for six years before finally breaking up in August of 2017. Holmes had previously dated actors Emilio Vitolo Jr. and Bobby Wooten III. They were seen together at Coachella in the past.

The former actresses kept their relationship a secret for a long time, although they did kiss on the red carpet and gushed about each other in interviews. During their relationship, Katie Holmes distanced herself from her old friends, including her brother-in-law. In addition, she filed a lawsuit against the Star magazine for publishing rumors about her drug problems and Scientology practices. But it’s clear that the publication missed the mark when it came to Katie Holmes’ private life. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced in 2011, but haven’t yet addressed the reason behind the separation.

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