Who is Still Together From Love Is Blind Season 2?

If you’re wondering who is still together from Love is Blind season 2, look no further. This article will break down each couple’s relationship and answer your burning questions. This article focuses on Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely, Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley, and Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez. Here are some more couples you should keep an eye on.

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely

You may have already seen them on the TV show Love Is Blind, but did you know that the couple is still together? Jarrette Jones proposed to Iyanna after they dated for just a couple of weeks on the first season? The couple was seen in a love triangle, and Iyanna found it hard to deal with Jarrette’s partying ways and late-night drinking habits. She is a more introverted personality and prefers to stay home. After all, he was married to someone she didn’t love, so her response was just as confusing.

Iyanna had doubts about Jarrette’s feelings for her, and was constantly questioning whether he had really fallen in love with her if she had asked her out. But the pair kept getting to know each other despite the distance between them. In fact, their late-night parties and too much time with their friends probably contributed to the couple’s deteriorating relationship.

Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley

Fans were left wondering if Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurle are still together after their breakup on Love Is Blind season 2. The couple was once engaged but didn’t make it to the altar, but they appeared to have resolved their differences and moved on. The two met in person and got to know each other better. While fans are eager to see how they do in real life, they are unsure if Kyle and Shaina are still together.

After the season 2 reunion, Kyle and Shaina broke up, but reconciled briefly and went on a date off camera. They rekindled their romance and hoped to get closer to each other. However, the couple’s relationship is still in a fragile state. Kyle still feels that Shaina is cheating on him and is not willing to do what he wants.

Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez

The couple first met during pods, and immediately felt an attraction to one another. They both share similar Latino roots and family values. They both come from families with three brothers, and have strong moral values. Salvador and Mallory quickly grew closer, and a strong bond developed. However, the couple did have some difficulties along the way. Although they were not married as of yet, they did remain together and are still happy to be in each others’ company.

The couple first started dating casually, but he backed out of the wedding at the altar. He felt that the couple was not ready for a long-term commitment. In order to woo Mallory, he went to great lengths to impress her. Then, they dated, and it was clear that they were still in love. The pair even went on their first date together in April 2021.

Amber Pike and Mike Barnett

Whether or not Amber Pike and Mike Barnett are still dating is a question viewers have asked for years. Although the pair got engaged during season one, their romantic connection was a definite mystery. The couple met on the reality show and fell in love while filming. Amber shared that they were attracted to each other and it was the right time for them to get married. They were still together on the final night of the show, which surprised some viewers. Despite the show’s popularity, Amber and Barnett are still together, despite the drama surrounding their relationship.

In addition to their marriage, Amber and Barnett met each other during a Love Is Blind season 2 reunion special. Though Amber and Barnett were still dating before the show, their relationship was on a happier note now. In fact, they’re even on better terms than before. They are no longer forcing each other to be together. While the couple had a rocky start, their marriage is in good hands, and their relationship is showing no signs of a rift.

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