Who is Kanye West Dating?

Kanye West is open about his love for models, so it’s no surprise that he’s rumored to be dating one. The rap star has spoken out about his admiration for Alessandra Ambrosio and Irina Shayk. His song “Broken Heart” even mentions both women. After his divorce from Kim Kardashian West, the couple started spending time together.

Julia Fox

After weeks of speculation, it seems like Kanye West and Julia Fox are officially a couple. While the two haven’t made public appearances yet, Julia Fox recently appeared on a feminist podcast and addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with the musician. The actress also revealed some interesting facts to the New York Times. First of all, she’s in Milan for Fashion Week, which has turned her into a human billboard for Versace. Second, Kanye West reportedly resorted to crying in the airport, which is a common practice for a celebrity. Regardless, pre-Kanye Julia Fox looked exactly the same, and it seems the rap artist has become a human billboard for Versace. However, once the relationship was over, Julia admitted to being “overwhelmed” and decided to end it.

While Kanye West and Julia Fox’s romance was short-lived, they remain close collaborators and friends. But, it appears the star and actress are no longer a couple, and they are back to being friends. However, it’s worth noting that the couple’s relationship ended in 2021. While they remain good friends and collaborators, the couple’s recent relationship is a big news, especially given Kanye’s intense divorce battle with Kim Kardashian.

Monica Corgan

Rumors have been swirling that rapper Kanye West is dating a famous online model, Monica Corgan. West recently attended a movie with Corgan, a model and ambassador for swimwear brand Boutine LA. Their date seemed to be a quiet one, but the couple were recently photographed together. It is unknown what their relationship status is, but Kanye is notorious for living his life by the horns and making a lot of noise about it.

The singer has been out of the limelight for awhile, but recently he was photographed with a mystery woman in a movie theater. The two were spotted watching the new sequel to the 1986 drama action film Top Gun, which starred Tom Cruise. The image of the pair watching the movie has gone viral on social media platforms, and fans have been quick to identify their mystery date as Corgan. After seeing her age and career, fans have been waiting to see how Ye reacts to the rumor.

Chaney Jones

Kanye West and model Chaney Jones are reportedly no longer together. The two broke up during a vacation to Japan, and Kanye West even missed his youngest child’s Incredible Hulk birthday party. A rep for the rapper didn’t immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. However, Chaney Jones has since deleted all pictures of herself with West. Jones, however, posted a video to celebrate Kanye’s birthday, which she captioned “Happy Birthday Kanye.”

The couple have been spotted together on a number of occasions, including in public. They have traveled across the United States and internationally. Chaney also introduced Kanye to his family. The two are also seen attending various events together. Despite the public outcry, Chaney and Kanye have been linked romantically for some time. Chaney and Kanye were spotted together at a listening party for Donda 2 in Malibu. On the same day, Kanye posted a selfie on his Instagram. Kanye later re-shared the same photo with his followers.

Kim Kardashian West lookalike

Drake has teamed up with a Kim Kardashian West lookalike to promote his new music video. “In My Feelings” features a mysterious person named “Kiki.” Fans immediately connected this lyric with Kim, citing the two celebrities’ similar names. Fans soon began a Twitter conspiracy thread speculating that Drake is the source of the lookalike. The rapper has not yet commented on the recent controversy.

Chaney Jones has been compared to Kim Kardashian ever since the pair started dating. Even the name Kim Kardashian has been attributed to her. However, Jones is not a Kardashian clone. The model is a woman, and she has been modeled in the same outfits as the Kardashians. Despite these similarities, Jones claims she does not look like the reality star. She’s not a Kim Kardashian lookalike, but her outfit and makeup are similar.

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