Who is Johnny Depp Dating Now?

Who is Johnny Depp dating now? The Hollywood star has been linked to a number of women in recent months, including Camille Vasquez, Sophie Hermann, Lori Anne Alison, and Jennifer Grey. However, the rumours surrounding the actor’s love life are not based on fact, and Camille Vasquez has slammed those reports. The actress’s recent interview with People magazine addressed the rumours.

Camille Vasquez

The news that Johnny Depp is dating Camille Vasqueze came as a surprise to many. Although the actor has a long-standing relationship with actress Cate Blanchett, the recent footage of the couple’s rendezvous in London is a cause for excitement. The footage, which was captured by a fellow concertgoer, shows Vasquez putting her hand on Depp’s back and smiling sweetly with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. The two were even seen giving each other a warm hug and embracing at the same time, resulting in a record number of readers for the magazine.

Sophie Hermann

Rumors have swirled around the Internet that Johnny Depp is dating Sophie Hermann. The British model shot to fame on Made in Chelsea and is now a fashion designer and actress. Hermann met Depp in London and exchanged phone numbers. Their relationship developed into more than a friendship, but hasn’t been confirmed. It’s unclear if Depp and Hermann will marry or not, but their relationship is certainly public.

Lori Anne Alison

Despite rumors that he’s dating another woman, it seems that Johnny Depp is still single. In fact, Allison and Johnny Depp have not been married for two years. The two met when Johnny was a teenager, when he was in a band named The Kids. Allison was the sister of the band’s bassist. They went on to meet and date, and their relationship is still on the rocks.

Jennifer Grey

After a long and contentious relationship, Johnny Depp is now a single man. The Hollywood star and former model recently dated Amber Heard in the early ’90s, and their romance was troubled by rumors of drug use, poop in bed, and a severed finger. Amber Heard, meanwhile, is a recent defamation lawsuit target of Depp. In a Washington Post op-ed, she claimed that the actor abused her.

Vanessa Paradis

Rumors have it that actor Johnny Depp is dating model and actress Vanessa Paradis. They met while working on the Roman Polanski film The Ninth Gat e. Paradis was 8 years old when she performed on stage with Emmie Jolie. She wore a red bandana and answered the host’s questions while singing. In 1988, she made her first chart-topping appearance with the song “Joe le Taxi.”

Ellen Barkin

Rumors are flying that Johnny Depp is dating Ellen Barkin. The two had a brief relationship in 1994, and have appeared on several red carpets together. However, the relationship was sour and they reportedly split up after Ellen moved to Hollywood. In a deposition that was played during Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard, Ellen said that Depp was controlling and jealous of her.

Lori A. Depp

Among the many women who have dated the actor are actresses, musicians, and even makeup artists. Lori A. Depp is the daughter of a successful make-up artist who introduced her husband to the late Nicholas Cage, who aided Depp’s breakthrough role in “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Even after the divorce, Lori A. Depp has continued to be active in the movie industry, serving as a make-up artist for many famous celebrities.

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