Who is Kevin Costner Dating?

Are you wondering who is Kevin Costner dating? Well, we will discuss the rumored exes of the actor and his romantic history. Among these exes are Christine Baumgartner, Halle Berry, and Courteney Cox. But how do we know if any of them are really dating the actor? Keep reading to find out! Also, keep an eye out for his new girlfriend.

Mira Sorvino

Rumors about a possible romance between Kevin Costner and Mira Sorvino abound, but rumors about a romantic relationship between Costner and Sorvino are unfounded. Both stars are strictly professional collaborators, and their relationship has nothing to do with each other’s personal life. The two recently attended the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival together. Mira Sorvino, a former model, and Costner’s marriage have been a subject of rumors since his divorce.

While working in Hollywood, Mira Sorvino was a rising star. Her mother, actress Hope Davis, influenced her acting career in a big way. They met while she was filming her first movie, “Amongst Friends.” Their mutual admiration for each other helped her get a lead role in Barcelona, which helped her get a supporting role in the sequel, “Quiz Show.” The relationship between Mira Sorvino and Kevin Costner became more serious when she won the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Actress.

Mayim Bialik

It’s been a long time since Kevin Costner was last seen with Mayim Bialik, but reports of the couple’s relationship surfaced last week. The two actors met a decade ago and exchanged phone numbers. They later began dating in 2002, but broke up shortly after. Costner’s friends claimed that things had gotten complicated and the couple did not want to have any more children.

The couple split in 2012, after 16 years of marriage. They had three children together, Cayden (born in 1984), Hayes (born in 1986), and Grace. Costner and Bialik have three children together. It’s unclear when the couple broke up, but reports say they were divorced in 2012.

Christine Baumgartner

If you’re wondering if Kevin Costner is dating Christine BaumgartNER, you’re not alone. The Hollywood actor has been in a relationship with the actress for almost a decade. Christine and Costner first met in the ’80s while they were rehearsing for the movie Tin Cup. At the time, the actor was married to Cindy Silva. The two had a son, Cayden, in May 2007 and a daughter, Grace, in June 2010.

The actor has three children from previous relationships. His oldest son, Cayden, was born in 2007 and his second son, Hayes, was born in 2009. Their daughter, Grace, was born in 2010. The couple reside on a 160-acre ranch in Colorado. The couple has three kids together and are very supportive of each other. Kevin and Baumgartner are still very close and share many of the same values, beliefs, and opinions.

Bridget Rooney

During the late 1990s, Bridget Rooney became romantically involved with Kevin Costner. The actor was married to actress Cindy Costner in 1994. The couple is now divorced, but the two have children from previous relationships. They welcomed one son, Liam, and one daughter, Kaitlin, into the world. Rooney also has a daughter, Kaitlin. During the 1990s, she was an actress and performed at several events.

Before marrying Bridget Rooney, Kevin Costner dated a number of attractive women. He divorced his first wife, Cindy Costner, in 1996, and met his current partner, model Bridget Rooney, during the year 2000. They had a son together, Liam, in 1996. However, they did not marry, and the couple later separated. They had one child together, Liam. After a paternity test, the pair divorced. Liam Costner was raised mostly by his mother. The child does not have a close relationship with his biological father.

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