Who is Joey King Dating?

Joey King has had only one public relationship in his life. Before Steven Piet proposed to her, Joey dated Jacob Elordi. The couple dated for two years before splitting up. King later found love with Steven Piet. While King has never been in a serious relationship, it’s easy to imagine how he would have felt in love with another man. There are many theories as to how the couple met.

Steven Piet

On the set of the anthology series “The Act,” producer and director Steven Piet met Joey King. The two first became romantically linked in September. The couple later sat together at a movie screening in Los Angeles and cuddled up. In December, the couple announced their engagement. Despite their young age, Piet is not hesitant to talk about his new relationship in public.

They met on set of their recent Netflix series The Act, in which Steven produced the series and Joey starred as Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Although they were not professionally related, the pair began dating in January 2019. Their adorable pictures are shared on Instagram. This content has been imported from Instagram. You may find more information on their website. A look at their Instagram accounts shows that they’re not just co-workers.

Jacob Elordi

Joey King and Jacob Elordi are a cute couple on the big screen, but are they actually dating in real life? The two met on the set of South African film The Kissing Booth and have been sharing cute details of their relationship since. The pair recently spoke to Seventeen magazine to share some of their favorite moments together. They reminisced about the days they spent filming their movie together.

While Joey King dated many famous men, he recently paired up with a younger actor. The two were once friends and posed together for several photos. In November and December of 2016, Joey King wore a pink floral dress. They had been dating for about a year and shared a photo together. However, the relationship was brief. In fact, the two dated for a total of five months, before calling it quits.

Joel Courtney

The young actor, who starred in Netflix original film “The Kissing Booth,” is currently engaged to Mia Scholink. The couple met in high school and have been sharing pictures of each other ever since. They got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2020, and are planning to tie the knot soon. As for Courtney’s romantic life, he dated actress Katherine McNamara. Courtney was previously engaged to actress Isabelle Fuhrman, whom he has been dating since 2012.

The actor has a large fortune. He has amassed this wealth through television shows and big movie performances. His recent wedding has been one of the most anticipated events of his career. The two attended the SAG Awards together last August, where Courtney was voted Best Newcomer. While Courtney doesn’t have any girlfriends at the moment, he’s said he has been seeing several women in the past year.

The Kissing Booth 2

In The Kissing Booth 2 there is a lot of buzz surrounding the two main characters, Joey King and Jacob Elordi. While the actors have stayed single, rumors circulating about Joey King’s love life still abound. He and Taylor Zakhar Perez, who plays Elle’s best friend, were seen getting close during their quarantine period. Now fans are shipping the two together.

However, there is still no news regarding their relationship. During the premiere of The Kissing Booth 2, King called out his ex-boyfriend Jacob Elord, who claimed not to have seen the movie. The interviewer then challenged him to tell the truth about whether he enjoyed the film or not. King and Elord began dating in 2017 and worked together on the original Kissing Booth film. However, the two separated after only one year, leaving both of them with busy schedules. But if Joey King and Jacob Elordi are still dating, then that may be a clue.

While fans have been stalking the actors for months, there is a new twist. The Kissing Booth sequel will be released on Netflix on April 8, 2018. While the third film is planned for 2021, it has not yet been released. Fans of the movies can get their fix on the sequel with the news that the third film has already been shot. However, the question remains, who is Joey King dating?

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