Reba McEntire Is Dating “CSI: Miami” Actor Rex Linn

After two marriages and a daughter, Reba McEntire has a new romance: Linn. The country singer and Linn have been flaunting their love since 2020. In 1976, Reba McEntire married Charlie Battles. The marriage lasted until 1987. The couple had one child together: Shelby, born in 1990. They split in the fall of 2015, but they made it public in the fall of 2020.

Rex Linn

It was announced on Monday that Reba McEntire is dating “CSI: Miami” actor Rex Linn. The two have been dating since at least January or February of this year. They first met during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, when both were quarantined. But their relationship remained private until they were forced to spend time together during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rex Linn and Reba McEntire met at the 94th Academy Awards where the singer performed the Oscar-nominated song “Hold On,” by Diane Warren. Reba first met Linn in 1991 on the set of Kenny Rogers’ made-for-TV movie “Four Sisters.” Since then, the two have been dating. But before they became serious, it is unclear whether they’ll be a couple or just a friendship.

Anthony Lasuzzo

Country star Reba McEntire is currently riding the waves of love with new boyfriend Anthony Lasuzzo. The two met in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they both attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe. The pair dated for about two years, and they also spent time in Iceland, South Africa, and Italy. They are also friends. According to Us Weekly, the two have since broken up.

The two met as friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Pottsboro, Texas. The couple spent time in each other’s presence, including at a State Department dinner. Parton was at Lasuzzo’s side during her first red carpet appearance. The couple has talked openly about their relationship, and they have been seen together in many places, including Iceland, Italy, and South Africa.

Narvel Blackstock

Rumors about a new romance between singer Reba McEntire and actor Narvel Blackstock are rife online. McEntire and Blackstock were first linked in January 2016 after a photo of them in a Katy Perry concert was shared on Instagram. Since then, the couple has gone on to attend various concert events together, including one where McEntire donned a pink wig!

The country singer’s ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock, was born in Tarrant County, Texas. The two met at work when they were in their teens. The singer began her career with her siblings as part of a group called the “Singing McEntires.” The group would perform at rodeos where her father played, and later went on to pursue a solo career.

Charlie Battles

After getting married in 1976, Reba McEntire and Charlie Battles split up after a year of marriage. McEntire remained close to her sons from a previous marriage, and Charlie Battles remained close to his two sons from a previous marriage. In 1989, Reba married music manager Narvel Blackstock and gained three more children. The couple split in 1994. Reba wrote in her book, Reba: My Story, about how Charlie Battles had changed her.

Although they separated after a year of marriage, Reba continued to visit Charlie Battles at rodeos. Although she told him she was moving on from college, she leaned on him after losing her beloved grandfather. Reba married Battles on June 21, 1976. She was just 21 years old at the time of the marriage and admitted to being insecure. She was even afraid of the dark when she got married.

Reba McEntire

The country star has been dating actor Rex Linn since early 2019, but has the couple gotten serious? Reba and Rex first announced their relationship last month. While Reba is no stranger to fame, Linn has been a major part of the entertainment industry for many years. In fact, the two were even spotted holding hands at the 2022 Oscars. In October 2021, Reba talked about the possibility of getting married with Rex.

In the late 80s, Reba McEntire was married to actor Narvel Blackstock. In 1989, Reba married Blackstock, who was also her manager. The two married in Lake Tahoe in 1989. After a short time together, they went on to form their own company, Starstruck Entertainment. Blackstock has three children of his own. Reba McEntire’s son is Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock.

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