I Don’t Know How to Love Him by Kelly Marie

If you’re looking for an ’80s disco song, try “I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ by Kelly Marie. It was a hit when she was just 16 years old. She later recorded a disco version for her album, Applause, in 2003. You can’t go wrong with either version. If you love this song, you’ll want to check out these other versions by Kelly Marie, Rocio Banquells, or Petula Clark.

Lyngstad’s single “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”

ABBA member Agnetha Faltskog sung the soaring lead role in Agnetha Lyngstad’s 1972 hit single “I Don’t Know How to love Him.” She also appeared in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar, in which she played Mary Magdalena. This song has become a classic, and Lyngstad is known for it.

Lyngstad’s debut album was released in 1972, and a number of singles were spawned. In 1967, she won a song contest called ‘New Faces’ and performed on the Swedish television show ‘Hylands Horna.’ She was signed to EMI until 1972, but was dropped by the label, and signed to Polar Music. This was the only album Lyngstad recorded for EMI.

Kelly Marie’s disco version

The disco version of I don’t know how to love him by Kelly Marie was released in 2003. The song was originally recorded for the Elvis Presley miniseries It’s a Sin, and Kelly’s performance was featured on the soundtrack. The disco version was also featured in several media works, including the British comedy film “Once Upon a Time in the Midlands” in 2002 and the 2005 romantic comedy “Imagine Me and You.”

After years of family life, Kelly Marie took her first steps in the music industry in the United Kingdom. The track was her debut single in the UK, reaching number two in France. It was a huge hit in the US and Europe, and Kelly Marie enjoyed many more hit singles afterward, including ‘Runaway’ and “Rescue Me.” After a decade off, she returned to the recording studio for an album of disco versions of her classic songs, including ‘Feels Like I’m in Love’.

Rocio Banquells’ version

Rocio Banquells is one of the few Spanish singers who’s managed to make the soprano part of Lili a belting role. The singer first recorded the role in 1999 on Ellas Cantan Asi. Afterward, she adapted the song and recorded it for her 2002 showtune album Eternamente. It’s hard not to fall in love with her version of the song.

The Mexican pop singer and actress Rocio Banquells was born during a theater tour. His mother started out as a dancer and studied with legendary actor Andres Soler. In an interview with La Voz, Rocio said she wanted to pursue the acting profession. She has an impressive list of credits, including the telenovela “Los ricos tambiĆ©n lloran.”

Petula Clark’s version

Helen Reddy’s original song was one of her most popular hits. Although the song was never as popular as Petula Clark’s version, it topped the Billboard Hot 100 for a few weeks. Both versions were produced by Johnny Harris. Petula Clark was born in 1932 in England and has been living in Geneva, Switzerland for five decades. She has three adult children, all of whom sound different from each other.

“I Don’t Know How to Love Him” was a hit single in the 1960s and was produced by Tony Hatch, who also produced Jackie Trent’s version on her self-titled 1972 album. In 1972, “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” was re-recorded by Sylvie McNeill, who recorded it on 11 August, timed for the premiere of Jesus Christ Superstar on the UK stage.

Tony Hatch’s version

The music of “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” by Tony Hatch has earned a place in pop culture lore. Hatch, born in 1939, began learning the piano at age four and singing in the church choir by eight. His mother, a pianist, enrolled him in the London Choir School in Bexley, Kent, at the age of ten. As a child, Hatch was composing hymns and became a part of the church choir. His ambitions included becoming a church organist, but he was bitten by the light music bug when he was a teenager and began to consume the work of light music composers.

The album contains the earliest recordings of Tony Hatch. The title track was sampled by Pepe Deluxe for the Engineered Jeans ad campaign. The singer is currently living on the Balearic Island of Menorca with his new partner Maggie. Tony Hatch is eager to return to the contemporary recording medium. But first, he must find a new love.

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