Who is Cole Sprouse Dating? A Sneak Peek Into Her Life

Are you wondering, “Who is Cole Sprouse dating?” if you have recently seen her on the red carpet? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things to know about the star. She’s currently dating Ari Fournier, Lili Reinhart, Bree Morgan, and many more. Read on for more details! We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into her life!

Ari Fournier

We’ve all heard that Cole Sprouse is dating a woman named Ari Fournier. But is she really Cole’s date? Well, we’ll never know for sure, because the relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet. Cole and Ari were first spotted together in February 2021, and since then, they have kept their relationship under wraps. In the meantime, they’ve celebrated each other’s birthdays and been seen on cute dates across the United States. In fact, they were spotted having coffee in Vancouver, Canada, in March 2021. But their relationship has still been criticized by some toxic fans, and this may have been the reason for it.

A few months after their publicized date, the two appeared in a photo together on Instagram. The two were wearing the same outfit, and Cole Sprouse commented: “Time to piss off 14-year-olds once again.” A few days later, the two were spotted together in Vancouver, enjoying brunch and taking a walking tour. While this relationship isn’t official, it’s no less romantic and meaningful than Cole Sprouse’s.

Lili Reinhart

We all know that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprous are dating each other, but are they really dating? After all, they are in the same profession, right? Well, they have been spotted together several times on the red carpet, and now it looks like Lili is supporting Cole in his new movie, Five Feet Apart. While there are no official rumors that the couple are cheating on each other, it sure seems like they are. Lili, 23, is an actress and singer who has been dating a number of men and has been seen spending a lot of time with Cole since they met in 2009.

However, this relationship has only gotten more public attention this week after Cole and Lili posted pictures of themselves together in the snow for Valentine’s Day. They also posed for a photo together with an iconic camera hanging around their necks. The photos are strikingly similar – Lili’s look is reminiscent of Jughead in the wild! They’re also both extremely talented photographers, and the two have a lot in common when it comes to their work.

Maiaira Walsh

There have been numerous rumors about the relationship between Cole Sprous and Maiaira Walsh. While the two share a close bond and love for fashion, there are no solid details about the relationship. Erin Barr was once thought to be Cole’s girlfriend, but the truth is quite different. Cole spent a year dating her before their split. In 2007, they were seen embracing their relationship and even appeared in a few New York Fashion Week shows together.

There have been rumors that Cole Sprouse is dating the model Ari Fournier. The two were spotted holding hands in Vancouver and attended a dinner at San Vicente Bungalows in November 2021. Sprouse’s parents are Scottish and English, and his father is German. He began acting as a child in commercials when he was eight months old. He is currently known for his role as Jughead Jones in Riverdale.

Bree Morgan

Whether Cole Sprous is dating Bree Morgan is still a question that many people are asking themselves. The young actress was born in Washington state, where she lived with her parents. At a young age, she developed an interest in playing computer games, and she and her father also enjoyed social networking. Their breakup was rumored to be over, but pictures of the two still circulated online. As the new year approached, they were still spotted playing games together and sharing pictures on Instagram.

While it is unknown if Sprouse is still dating Bree Morgan, their relationship lasted almost two years. The couple met each other while studying at New York University. They were initially friends, but soon fell in love, and pictures of their relationship flooded social media. The relationship began in 2013 and lasted for two years until 2015.

Cole Sprouse

When it comes to dating, Cole Sprouse is definitely not shy of letting fans know about his past relationships. The teen star, who is currently dating model Ari Fournier, has dated several women over the years, including actresses from movies. The pair met on the sets of a New York comedy series, and shared numerous quality snaps on social media. While the relationship ended, it has been speculated that Cole may be dating another model.

Fans have sounded off about the rumor that Cole and Lili Sprouse are dating. The two recently appeared together at the Paley Fest, where Cole was asked about rumors that they were dating. He did not respond, but fans took his non-denial as confirmation. Lili, meanwhile, stepped out of the studio, and took the photo of the actress in a snowy field. A fan has interpreted her non-deny as a sign that the two are indeed dating.

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