Who is Vanessa Hudgens Dating?

If you’re wondering who is Vanessa Hudgens dating right now, you’re not alone. There are plenty of other actors dating Hudgens, including Austin Butler, Zac Efron, Cole Tucker, and Kyle Hudgens. Those two have been in the limelight for their on-screen chemistry, but the mystery surrounding their relationship continues to surround them. Hudgens and Tucker met through social media and a Zoom mediation group. The pair went public with their relationship on Instagram last February, and their on-screen chemistry was evident. Last month, they made their red-carpet debut together.

Austin Butler

We know Vanessa Hudgens is dating Austin Butler. The couple dated for eight years and sparked headlines with public displays of affection and Coachella trips. But things seem to have ended up apart and they have split up for good. Hopefully, Vanessa and Austin will get back together in the future. If they’re single, they’re just waiting to see what happens. Nonetheless, we can’t help but be jealous.

The Hollywood couple started dating in 2011 and separated in January 2020. They never publicly revealed the reason for their split. While Vanessa Hudgens is cool with Austin Butler’s girlfriend, the couple’s relationship isn’t a serious one. The two actors are currently pursuing careers in films like The Princess Switch: Switched Again and Elvis. But their relationship is far from over. There are plenty of rumors surrounding their relationship, so we can’t rule it out.

Zac Efron

In 2009, the Disney Channel star was linked to actress Vanessa Hudgens. The couple first met on the set of High School Musical. They dated for five years, but shockingly split in 2010. The couple has since moved on to other relationships. But did Zac and Vanessa really date? What are their current relationships like? Here’s the lowdown on Zac Efron’s love life.

They started dating in 2009 and were spotted hand in hand walking in Sydney, Australia, in January 2021. They planned to make a new film together in Canada in May 2021, but broke up in April of that year. It’s unclear if the couple is still dating or not, but Vanessa Hudgens has expressed her gratitude for the actor. It’s unclear if they’ll reunite in the future, but they’ve clearly become good friends.

Kyle hudgens

After a brief breakup with Austin Butler, rumors about Hudgens’ relationship with Kyle Kuzma were rife. The actor was spotted with Hudgens at a restaurant called Lilia while in New York City for the Knicks’ game. Vanessa Hudgens recently posted an Instagram photo with Kyle’s name captioned, “I’m dating Kyle.”

The two were spotted together in Brooklyn, at Lilia restaurant, and at Madison Square Garden. Earlier this week, Vanessa Hudgens attended Kuzma’s game against the New York Knicks and gave him a shout-out on Instagram. The two had previously been linked to several other men, but the couple recently separated, making speculations about their relationship more likely.

Last week, Vanessa Hudgens split from Austin Butler, a man she had dated for almost nine years. After announcing her split from the NBA player, Hudgens reportedly started dating Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma. However, both the actors are taking things slow. While Vanessa was spotted at a Brooklyn Italian restaurant with Kyle Kuzma, they were also seen at a Lakers game.

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