Who is Kathie Lee Gifford Dating?

Is Kathie Lee Gifford dating a writer? In a recent interview, the former People correspondent revealed that she is having a love affair. While it is unclear what this relationship entails, she has a long list of potential suitors. Read on to find out more about who Kathie Lee Gifford is seeing! Here are some of the more intriguing candidates for her affections:

Randy Cronk

According to reports, Tennessee insurance agent Randy Cronk is dating Today show alum Kathie Lee Gifford. He is a President/Insurance Broker for RMC Insurance Group LLC and was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He studied at the University of Southern Mississippi. The two recently stepped out in public together and reportedly spent a romantic evening in Franklin, Tennessee.

The relationship started when Kathie met Randy in July 2019 at a private party. Kathie said that she was excited to meet the baseball player who is almost a decade younger than her. Randy made her feel safe and secure. Kathie revealed that she felt complete with Randy. The two started dating later in life, but the relationship is still very much alive. Kathie recently hinted that the two were ready to make the relationship official.

After the death of her husband, Cronk was an unlikely choice for a date. The two were spotted out together in Franklin, Tennessee, where they were enjoying a Journey tribute band. While there, Cronk appeared in a light t-shirt. The couple were seemingly in high spirits as they swayed to the music. While he has not officially confirmed his relationship with Gifford, Cronk is reportedly dating her.

Son of Kathie Lee Gifford

The son of former Congresswoman Kathie Lee Gifford has married his longtime girlfriend Erika Brown. Cody and Erika wed on Labor Day weekend. The couple shared the happy news on their Instagram pages. The wedding photo was taken by the groom in a dark tuxedo and Erika wore a white gown. In a post on her own Instagram, she congratulated the couple on their new addition. The bride wore a white gown and tiara. A source told CNN that only her family and close friends were present during the pre-wedding ceremony.

Cody Gifford is the founder of Gifford Media Group. He is a screenwriter and producer, having worked with Warner Bros. television and HBO Films. He and his wife dated for seven years before getting engaged. They are planning a small ceremony in September 2020, followed by a larger wedding the following year. Their wedding will take place in the same city as their parents, which is a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of their first child.

Born in Oklahoma City, Gifford began her career as a singer on the popular name-that-tune show, “Name That Tune.” She also joined the cast of the short-lived Hee Haw spin-off, “Hee Haw Honeys,” in 1978. Eventually, she went on to work as a correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America. She also has several studio albums and is a published author.


As a writer, Kathie Lee Gifford has achieved success in many areas of her life. She has published five New York Times bestselling novels and one children’s book. She also serves as a member of the International Justice Mission and the Association to Benefit Children. In addition to her writing, she is active on Twitter and Instagram. Her book, The God of the Way, will be released on August 30.

A passionate Christian, Kathie Lee Gifford has opened up to her fans about her faith, focusing on the importance of faith in our lives. Gifford, who lost her husband Frank in 2015, has embraced the Christian faith. In her new book, “The Jesus I Know,” Gifford shares her heartfelt conversations about God with a range of people, including Kris Jenner and Brian Welch. In addition to her own life story, Gifford has interviewed various religious groups and celebrities, including pop stars, actresses, and playwrights.

While working on “The Morning Show” on WABC-TV, Gifford also shared her experiences from her family home. She substituted for Regis Philbin and Joan Lunden when they were unable to do their jobs. The show later became a nationally syndicated show and she was soon popular with viewers all over the country. Gifford left the show in 2000. While many fans will miss her show, she has continued her career on other television networks.

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