Why Do I Feel Like Having Sex?

You may be wondering, “Why do I feel like having sex?” If you’ve ever had an urge to engage in sexual activity but didn’t, you’re not alone. A number of people find themselves having sex when they don’t feel like it for any number of reasons. These reasons range from not feeling particularly sexually-charged to stress, lack of love, or antidepressants.

Taking a break from sex

There are plenty of reasons to take a break from having sex when I feel like it. It can have a positive or negative impact on your relationship and your overall wellbeing. However, you should always follow your body’s signals and be respectful of your partner’s decision to abstain from sex. Here are some of them:

First of all, you need to be aware that sex can be used to numb underlying issues. Sometimes you need to step away from sex and focus on developing your relationship emotionally. When you spend more time focusing on the friendship and emotional connection between you two, you’ll feel more connected. Taking a break from sex may feel odd to your partner, but it can have many benefits.


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Does stress cause me to have sex?” then you’re not alone. Many people experience fluctuating levels of sexual desire throughout their lives. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, however, you should consider seeking professional help. In the meantime, you can try implementing a few stress management strategies to boost your sex drive. Not only can stress management improve your sex life, it can also strengthen your relationship.

Physical intimacy with your partner can help you combat stress. Intimacy with your partner helps your body relax and is a good way to improve your mood. Sex releases hormones that are natural defenses against stress, including feelings of closeness, calmness, and attachment. Hence, scheduling time to be intimate with your partner is not a waste of time. You should ensure that your partner understands your stress level and try to make it easier for your partner to understand you.

Lack of love

Having sex is a great way to express love to another person. Without love, sex is not as satisfying and leaves you with an empty feeling. When a person has love for you, their sexual experience is more fulfilling and fills both physical and emotional needs. However, when there is no love for your partner, the resulting lack of lust and desire for sex can make you feel frustrated and guilty.

The underlying cause of this feeling may be hormonal or repressed feelings. If you’ve been shamed for having sex as a child, you may be experiencing the opposite. The shame of sex is deeply ingrained in our minds and can make us unhappy long after we’ve left the relationship. Luckily, however, there’s help for this condition. Listed below are several reasons why you may be feeling ungrateful and needy.


Do antidepressants make you feel like having sex? While not all antidepressants have this side effect, some do. They can decrease your sex drive and lead to other side effects. The best way to determine whether your medication is affecting your sex drive is to talk to your doctor. Several different antidepressants interact with the body differently, so you may have to try several different types before you find the one that works best for you. Make sure to consult with your doctor or psychiatrist before changing the type of antidepressants you are taking.

In addition to controlling the effects of antidepressants on the body, it can also affect your libido. While antidepressants suppress sexual pleasure, bodily responses remain the same. Therefore, your partner may find your lack of libido unappealing and boring. However, you can try to have sex even if your antidepressant use is affecting your sex drive. If you try again, you may find that your sex drive is the same as before.


Sex is an incredible experience, which can make you wonder, “Why do I feel like having sex?” Whether you’re interested in having sex for the first time, or simply want more of it, the act of making love to another person can change your life. Being aroused and experiencing an orgasm during masturbation can feel so good, but understanding what causes this sensation is a bit confusing.

Connection with partner

If your connection with your partner makes you feel compelled to have sex, you’ve probably noticed that your libido is lower than you’d like it to be. This discrepancy can be a sign of deeper problems, like a lack of emotional intimacy. To fix it, you can try counseling to resolve any emotional issues you may have with your partner. Once you know the cause of your lowered libido, you can work on improving your communication with your partner.

Many people have a sexual need that makes them feel more emotionally satisfied. In a recent study, people with a higher level of emotional satisfaction had stronger emotional ties. While sex isn’t the magic solution to improving your emotional connection, it can be a powerful tool to explore your partner’s needs and desires. Even a coldhearted player has his or her emotional implosion at one point or another.

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