What is Scooting Sex?

Scooting sex is a form of intercourse that requires a partner to ride up higher than him or her. While this may seem like a strange position, it allows for full body closeness and clitoral stimulation. For this type of sex, the partner must perform the Coital Alignment Technique, which involves riding higher and rubbing the partner’s body downward to give them plenty of clitoral stimulation.


In sex, the term scooting refers to dragging one’s butt, and it has more definitions for male cats than for females. Male cats engage the vomeronasal organ more often than females do, and they use it to determine whether a female is ready for sexual intercourse. Here are some tips for performing this sexy act. Here are some of the most common ways that your partner may scoot:

The CAT position is a variation of the Missionary position, but it involves the man scooting closer and lifting his hips to clit. The man then grinds against the woman while making a rocking motion. To practice the CAT position, you can take a quiz to determine your oral sex skills. Try it out now and find out how you can make your partner fall in love with you.

Spooning sex

The spoons position is a sexual position known as rear-entry. It is also known as the doggy position, because it is similar to a spoon with its bowls aligned. Both of these positions are considered very cozy and intimate, and they can be used to have a relaxing and satisfying sex. Read on to learn more about spooning sex. Listed below are some tips for performing spooning sex with your partner.

To start, you must have a partner who is able to be in an intimate position. Spooning is one of the easiest positions to initiate and has the highest rate of simultaneous orgasm. First of all, spooning requires the partner to be on their back or across their chest. You will want to be very slow and not move too quickly. Once you have established a rhythm, start by focusing on your foreplay and your partner’s body language.

Scooting sex in a missionary position

If you want to achieve maximum female pleasure, scoot up in the Missionary position. This position is also known as CAT, or “the cat.” You will want to place your clitoris at the top of your partner’s pelvis and move slowly up and down. This position is best for penetrating a partner’s penis, as it allows you to experience full body closeness and clitoral stimulation.

While your partner is on top of the bed, have a pillow underneath her head. Have one leg on either side of her head, and keep both hands on the headboard or wall. Then, hover over her mouth and perform oral sex. This position will increase the intensity of your clitoral stimulation and increase your chances of achieving an orgasm. If you think this position may be too intense, try scooting down on the bed to allow more room for your partner’s legs.

Direct access to the clitoris

The table top position allows for direct access to the clitoris. Your partner can stimulate the clitoris with their hand, or use a toy to do the work for you. This position increases intimacy and allows for deeper penetration. It can be performed on a table, in bed, or even on the floor. You can also modify this position by placing a pillow underneath the person you are sex with.

The first step in sex is access to the clitoris. While lying on top of your partner, press close to your clit. Shift your legs to change sensation. When scooting, raise your body up and horizontally. Ride higher and lower your body when you are deep enough. If you are able to reach the clitoris with your pelvis, you may want to massage it with your partner’s shaft of penis.

Stimulation of libido by scooting sex

The most common way to enhance your sex drive is to boost your libido through scootering sex. This can be accomplished by eating a diet rich in boron, or by taking supplements or juice. Either way, your libido will be more intense. But if you’d rather avoid eating meat, you can try boron juice.

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