Who is DaBaby Dating?

DaBaby has not been seen in public since February 2021 when he ended his relationship with Dani Leigh. However, the two appeared in the same Levi High music video in March 2020. Though, the couple have denied the rumours, they have been spotted in the same West Hollywood hotel when they were both quarantined. Meanwhile, there were reports that MeMe and Dani Leigh got into a spat.


The drama surrounding DaniLeigh DaBaby isn’t new. The couple had a public argument on Instagram Live in November last year. But it was the first time DaniLeigh addressed her relationship with DaBaby in a public way. The rapper is now charged with simple assault after swinging at the singer, but she’s hopeful that this will be the final tumultuous moment.

However, it isn’t uncommon for celebrity relationships to fizzle out, and the same is true for DaniLeigh and DaBaby. After an argument in November at a bowling alley, the two were arrested and charged with simple assault. DaniLeigh also shared her side of the story with Angie Martinez, which led to the arrest of DaBaby. While it’s unclear if the two were still in a relationship, many fans want to know what went wrong between the two.

While working with Prince in 2013, DaniLeigh gained fame. She also directed the music video for the song. Then, at 18, DaniLeigh was scared of performing in front of people. After her breakthrough in music, she signed with Def Jam Records and released several singles, an EP, and five LPs. She has since collaborated with Lil Baby, YG, G-Eazy, and DaBaby.


There are rumors circulating about DaBaby dating MeMe. They were supposedly linked in March 2020. MeMe and DaBaby met through mutual friends. Although the pair remain close, the couple is no longer romantically involved. MeMe is a barber by profession. In addition to DaBaby, she claims that he is a good father. But is this true?

While the rumors about DaBaby and MeMe’s relationship haven’t really made any headway, the two have a lot of fans. Their relationship was a source of intense debate and speculation. Some believed DaBaby was dating MeMe in order to get more exposure. However, MeMe’s friend, DaniLeigh, denied the rumors. While she’s single, DaBaby is still MeMe’s boyfriend.

The rumors about DaBaby and MeMe’s relationship went beyond social media. DaniLeigh reportedly blocked MeMe and urged her to stop tweeting. The pair responded by sharing pictures of their bed. Obviously, DaBaby and MeMe have been dating for some time. But their love story didn’t come to an end just yet. The rapper was spotted on a tour with another woman named Latoia Danet.

B. Simone

Rumors of B. Simone dating DaBaby have been swirling on social media since early 2020. The singer has posted a photo of herself holding a man that fans believe is DaBaby. The two have previously admitted to having a crush on each other, but the two have yet to be confirmed as a couple. Despite the numerous rumors, B. Simone has been clear about her feelings for DaBaby.

DaBaby is one of the nominees for the 2020 BET Awards. The teen has until April 5 to win $1 million to start her own clothing line. Simone is an actress, rapper, singer, beautician, and internet personality. She is also a cast member on the MTV show, Wild ‘N Out. In season 11, she returned to the show. She is currently a single mother of two daughters.

The pair first met in 2000, and their friendship grew over time. In the following years, DaBaby went on to release several albums, including his debut, “Suge.” Afterward, he went on to release two more albums, and his third album reached number one in the US. His song “Rockstar,” which features Roddy Ricch, was his highest-charting in the US. The song spent seven weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The couple reportedly split in 2021, with B. Simone being unhappy with the song lyrics.

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