Am I Jealous?

If you are a Scorpio then you probably have wondered, “Am I jealous?” The answer is no. You are not jealous of someone else’s beauty, your friends, or your parents. However, you can be jealous of something that happens in your life, such as a person who is your enemy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just be sure to keep yourself balanced and try to understand the situation.

Am I Jealous
Am I Jealous?


The Taurus and Scorpio relationship can be a complicated and rocky one. The pair has a deep and emotional connection and they tend to be very possessive. This can lead to arguments and disagreements.

One thing that you need to realize is that Taurus and Scorpio are two very different people. While they are both strong-willed and committed, they are also very opposite.

In a Taurus and Scorpio relationship, you’ll have to be prepared to work on improving your communication and making sure that both of you are treated equally. You’ll also have to put in extra effort to keep your jealousy in check.

If you are in a long-term relationship with a Scorpio, then you should expect to be a little bit envious from time to time. They are notoriously possessive and are passionate when it comes to love.


Cancer and Scorpio are two of the most jealous signs in the zodiac. They have a lot in common, but they are also very different.

Despite their differences, both signs have an affinity for the water element. Scorpio has a fiery temperament and can be violent when hurt. Often, their insecurities can make them feel like they are being abused. Likewise, Cancer has a tendency to be moody and takes a long time to forgive.

One of the main reasons for this is their desire to protect the home environment. If you live with a Scorpio, chances are you have a very safe and comfortable place to retreat.

In addition, Cancer and Scorpio can have bestie-level friendships. However, they can also clash, especially when the Scorpio is not the best communicator.


Scorpio and Sagittarius are a strong pair. They have a dual nature and can be a challenge to handle.

The key to overcoming jealousy in a relationship is to understand your partner. Scorpio is very possessive and is often prone to jealousy. In order to protect your relationship, you have to learn to recognize and eliminate this feeling from your life.

The first thing you have to do is to understand that there is a difference between being jealous and envious. Jealous people are often annoying when they are insecure about their love life.

You have to get to know your Sagittarius man on a deeper level. This means that you will need to work on building a compromise in your relationship. Once you have built a good foundation, you will not have to worry about your partner being jealous.


If you want to have a great relationship with Scorpio, you’re going to need to understand how to handle your jealousy. The reason why you feel jealous is because you’re looking at a situation from a different perspective. There are many reasons why you may feel jealous of other people. You might be envious of their natural talents. Or you might just be insecure. Either way, jealousy is a very powerful emotion.

Aquarius and Scorpio can be a very difficult combination. They both have a certain degree of magnetic attraction for each other. However, they can also create electric friction. This makes for an interesting relationship.

Both Aquarius and Scorpio are very independent and have little patience for being mistreated by others. But they are also very social. In fact, they are known to have a large number of friends.


If you’re a Capricorn who is interested in a Scorpio, there are a few things you should keep in mind. While you might be able to maintain your relationship without feeling jealous, you won’t be able to completely avoid it.

You might find yourself feeling a little jealous when you see your Scorpio man with another woman. It’s a normal feeling, but it shouldn’t be taken to heart. Instead, you should take the time to learn your boundaries and explain what your expectations are.

When you’re feeling jealous, you might be tempted to put on a brave face and try to control your partner. However, this tactic isn’t going to work. A Capricorn isn’t comfortable with being more controlling than he usually is. He’ll also be less willing to help you out.

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