How to Kiss Women Without Stuffing Your Partner’s Lips

You might be wondering how to kiss women, but if you are not sure, you are not alone. There are plenty of ways you can go about this process, but the key is timing. If you want to be successful, you have to make sure you are not too chomping down on her lips, or suffocating her.

How to Kiss Women Without Stuffing Your Partner's Lips
How to Kiss Women Without Stuffing Your Partner’s Lips

Perfect timing is key

When kissing women, it’s important to pay attention to the signs she gives. Her body language, behavior, and even the way she brushes her hands can tell you if she’s comfortable with physical contact. If she doesn’t show any of these signs, don’t feel pressured to kiss her. You can take the opportunity later, when she’s more relaxed.

The second tip is to know when she’s ready for a kiss. Many girls will give you a goodbye hug and wait to say goodnight for a while before asking for a kiss. This is a sign that she wants a smooch.

Another good sign is when she smiles. Women don’t like to have their noses clogged during a kiss. Keep your lips moisturized and use breath spray to keep your mouth fresh. Make sure you have your eyes closed for the kiss, too.

Avoid chomping down on her lips

There are a number of good reasons to keep your tongue out of your mouth when kissing your partner, but it’s not always the easiest of tasks. If you want to keep your partner in your hair, there are a few tricks you can use to make sure you get the best of both worlds. You can also learn to control your tongue before you start, which will make you a tad less painful to kiss.

Using your tongue to your advantage will likely yield a sexier, and longer lasting, kiss. One of the best ways to do this is to make a point of making eye contact with your partner. It will show her you’re not a complete idiot and will hopefully be a sign that you’re in the right mood.

Kiss her until her knees tremble

If you’re in the market for a good kiss you’ll want to keep these tips in mind. Kissing your partner should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore. The best kisses are brief and memorable.

First, you want to tame the tongue. A cool tongue can make your partner weak at the knees. Also, don’t try to do too much at once. Instead, focus on the little things. For instance, do not smack your tongue against hers; instead, do a tiny nibble, followed by a quick swoon. This will give your partner a sense of security and confidence in your affection.

Lastly, remember that the ol’ love potion will do the trick. You’ll want to do a little bit of research to figure out which method will work best for your unique personality. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try a variety of kisses to find the one that suits you best.

Avoid suffocating her

The best way to avoid suffocating your partner is to do it correctly. This can be done with the use of mouthwash, a good brush and a little TLC. You can’t always be expected to be on the same page as your partner. That is why it pays to take a proactive stance. Whether it is with a man or a woman, it’s important to know what you’re getting into and be prepared to change your game plan when needed. A sloppy kiss could spell doom for both of you. Hopefully, you’ve learned all the right tips and tricks from this article. If you’re on the hunt for that perfect match, take a cue from the experts and find a mate who will reciprocate.

Kiss her like you mean it

If you want to kiss women like you mean it, you need to be able to read their signals and act on them. There are several ways to do this.

When you are kissing a girl, you should keep your eyes closed and do not stare at her. You should also avoid pushing her lips down or making them pucker. Instead, try gentle nibbles.

If your partner is expecting a kiss, she will move closer to your face. She may even linger while you say goodbye. This is a good sign that she’s interested in getting a kiss. However, if she backs off, you don’t have to push the relationship forward. Just respect her decision and don’t make her feel rushed.

Another good tip is to kiss her on the cheeks. This can be painful, but can be a sexy way to kiss a girl.

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