Funny Romance Books

If you’re in the mood for some laughs, a funny romance is the perfect choice. These books combine comedy and romance with equal emphasis.

Funny Romance Books
Funny Romance Books

These novels often make fun of stereotypical characters and social issues. But readers won’t mind it if the jokes aren’t overtly political or make fun of ethnic groups, sexual preferences, or disabilities.


Voice is one of the most important aspects of a good read and while it can be hard to find a quality narrator, there are a few out there that deserve your attention. Here are a few of our top picks:

The Love Study: A Quotable Queer by the authors of YA books and narrated by the talented Pete Cross. Featuring a bevy of queer characters on their way to the big time, this lighthearted and swoon worthy tale is a must listen for anyone who has ever fantasized about finding a unicorn in a pub.

The Best of a Lifetime, a book by the same authors is also on our reading list as well as The Book Women Mention: An Uncommon Memoir from a Family in Crisis by the award winning authors of The Unexpected.


Romantic comedy books are perfect escapists, filled with warm feelings and humorous misunderstandings. They remind us of the rom-com movies we love, with sassy best friends and hilarious movie references.

One of the biggest challenges for a writer of funny romance is deciding how to structure the plot. You’ll need to take into account your subgenre’s audience expectations, but you’ll also need to be careful not to jump from a comic moment to a serious plot thread, as this can jar your readers.

For example, imagine a modern-day prince who disguises himself as a cab driver to search for brides. That has some potential, but it could get a little out of hand.

If you’re looking for a witty, charming story that combines family chaos with the classic love triangle, One Plus One is definitely worth a read. It’s a charming and witty cry-and-laugh novel from Jojo Moyes, who is a prominent author of romantic comedy books.


One of the best things about funny romance books is that they’re fun to read, especially if you’re feeling down in the dumps or need a good laugh. The genre is often filled with humorous moments, from snarky characters to a clever plot twist.

There are a lot of writers out there who specialize in rom-coms, so it’s not hard to find an author who fits your personal taste. Some of the more prominent authors include Sally Thorne, Sarah Hogle, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings (pen name Christina Lauren), Katie McAlister, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

While there is less research required in a funny romance than there is in a historical or literary novel, it’s important to remember that you should still do your homework. A rushed storyline can take away from your comic efforts, and you should also be aware that some plot threads may overwhelm the humor if they are used too aggressively.


Romance novels are a fun and easy way to escape reality for a while. They’re also a great way to get caught up in a love story and laugh along the way.

The characters in funny romances are often quirky or wacky. They’re not afraid to take a swipe at their hero or heroine, even if it’s just for comic effect.

One of the most popular tropes in romantic comedy is enemies to lovers, which shows that a couple with vastly different personalities can end up falling in love. Often, they’ll hate each other’s guts, but then they’ll overcome their differences and angst to be together.

Using stereotypes in a humorous romance can work, as long as it doesn’t derail your plot. For example, if your hero is a policeman, many readers will enjoy reading about him being comfortable in his masculinity and befuddled by a pretty new neighbor.

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