Loveaprisoner Review

Loveaprisoner is a prison dating site that takes a simple approach. The site focuses on old-school communication and has a 75% successful match rate.

Loveaprisoner Review
Loveaprisoner Review

Inmates often find themselves alone and lonely in prison, so it’s no surprise that they turn to pen pals and dating sites to connect with people in the outside world. These services can help reduce recidivism, which is when someone who is incarcerated returns to prison after being released.

1. Write a Prisoner

Write a Prisoner is an online service that connects people in prison with pen pals. Founded by Adam Lovell, the site receives around 4 million unique visitors annually.

During incarceration, prisoners often suffer from isolation and loneliness. Providing support through letters can help them feel connected to the world again.

2. Meet-an-Inmate

Meet-an-Inmate is a service that connects pen pals with people who are in prison. It offers a free search tool that allows visitors to find a suitable prisoner.

It is more of a pen pal site than a dating site, but it can be useful for those who want to start a more meaningful relationship with someone behind bars. It also provides a way for people outside to help inmates who are looking for love.

3. InmateMingle

If you’re looking to make some new friends while in prison, InmateMingle is an excellent option. The website is mobile-friendly and has plenty of profiles to choose from.

Most inmates desire companionship exactly like the rest of us. These 12 jail adult dating sites above should help them build those person associations and reintegrate with society.

4. Write-a-Prisoner

The Florida-based company Write a Prisoner connects incarcerated people with pen pals. Their service is free and they offer a safe way to communicate with inmates.

Founded in 2000, the site has been a hit with people behind bars. Its website is full of personal ads from incarcerated people seeking pen pals.

They’re looking for friendship and romance, but also want nonjudgmental support and reentry help. Some have even found love!

6. InmateMail

Whether you are a pen pal, a friend or a family member, writing to your incarcerated loved one can make their time in prison more bearable. The letters can be an invaluable source of encouragement and help to build a bond.

All mail sent to an inmate must contain the inmate’s full name, booking number, housing facility and cell block location. Letters without this information will be returned to the sender.

7. Write-a-Prisoner

Write-a-Prisoner is a website that connects people incarcerated in US prisons with pen pals. It is a serious correspondence service and has an extensive set of contact rules that must be obeyed.

It is a great way to make an inmate’s day and give them a sense of normalcy. It is also a wonderful way to make a friendship. These prisoners are real people who deserve to be loved and cared for!


Loveaprisoner is a website that connects prisoners with pen pals, which can help reduce recidivism. Members can write letters to each other and search for new friends.

The site is free to use and has a 75% match rate. It also has a community forum where members can share stories and support each other.

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