Where to Meet Singles in Tucson

If you’re looking to meet singles in tucson, there are plenty of great options. But how do you know which places to go?

According to the Wallet Hub, Tucson ranks 14th among the 182 best cities for singles. This is based on things like the ratio of men to women and the number of other singles in town.

Where to Meet Singles in Tucson
Where to Meet Singles in Tucson

1. Bars

Bars are a great way to meet new people and socialize. Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink with a friend or a night out on the town, Tucson has some great bars that you can try out.

If you’re a beer lover, you’ll love Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar. They offer a huge selection of brews on tap, as well as bottles.

There’s also a good choice of cocktails and wines. This trendy bar is popular among couples looking to have a nice night out together.

The Drexel Road bar has a real cowboy vibe complete with Western memorabilia. It’s a great place to spend the evening listening to live country music, dancing and enjoying a cold one.

Silver Room is another great bar for a low-key night out. It offers cheap beer and friendly regulars. They also have a $1 pool table and offer regular poker nights.

2. Restaurants

Whether you’re moving to Tucson and looking for the best places to grab a meal or you just need something to satisfy your cravings, there are plenty of restaurants that cater to singles in this Southern Arizona town. From Mexican to Vietnamese, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone here, no matter what your taste buds crave.

If you want a hearty breakfast or a light lunch, try Bobo’s, where you can choose between apple pancakes drizzled with pecans and decadent syrup or blueberry pancakes with sweetened strawberries. This cozy diner also serves a variety of other breakfast items, such as omelettes and raspberry-stuffed French toast.

For more exotic fare, check out Penca Mexican Cuisine. Located along downtown streets, this upscale eatery has a lively vibe and a menu of Central Mexican dishes. Their signature dish is green chile con carne, but they also offer a variety of other Mexican favorites like tacos stuffed with chicken, pork, beef head, and beans. Papanchas, baked potatoes stuffed with bacon, cheese, and mushrooms, are another popular option on the menu.

3. Nightclubs

Whether you’re looking to chill out with craft beer or cocktails, crank it up with live music, or hit a high-energy dance club, Tucson is home to a wide variety of great nightlife options.

For those who prefer a low-key, laid-back atmosphere with cheap beer and friendly regulars, classic dive bars are a great option. Many of these establishments feature great pool, locals-only vibes, and plenty of cheap drink deals.

The Silver Room is a classic Tucson bar with great beer, happy hour specials, and a $1 pool. It’s also a good spot for karaoke or a quick pint with friends.

The Maverick is one of the oldest country western bars in town. It offers dance lessons, American shows and a spacious dance floor. It also has great bar eats. It’s a great place for a night out with your single friends or a date. It’s also a good choice for special events like birthdays or bachelorette parties.

4. Gyms

If you’re looking for something to do that can help you meet people, a gym may be your best bet. These places often have plenty of singles and are a great place to get started networking.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a gym, including the type of equipment it offers and its group classes. Some gyms offer a lot of cardio equipment, while others have fewer free weights and resistance machines.

You also want to check if the gym you’re interested in participates in a program like SilverSneakers, which can help you save money on your membership. This is especially true if you have Medicare coverage, which can make it easier to afford a gym.

Planet Fitness is a popular chain that has locations throughout Tucson and is open 24/7. It doesn’t have a swimming pool, but it does have an extensive selection of free weights and resistance machines. It also has a variety of group exercise classes, though none are exclusively geared towards seniors.

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