CitySwoon – A New Way to Meet Singles

The best way to meet someone is through a fun and engaging activity that you both enjoy. That’s why Sacramento singles turn to CitySwoon events for a fresh alternative to the tried and true “dinner date.”

CitySwoon - A New Way to Meet Singles
CitySwoon – A New Way to Meet Singles

In this farm-to-fork capital, speed dating is spicing up the singles scene like a perfectly crafted dish. Join us at handpicked venues for a unique twist on dating that will have your heart pounding.

What is a speed date?

Speed dating is a fun, fast way to meet potential matches. It’s like a dating buffet – you get to try out several “dates” in one night, so you can find out who suits you best and who doesn’t.

Typically, participants rotate between short dates that last from three to eight minutes depending on the speed dating company. At the end of each interval, a signal (typically a bell ringing, glass clinks or a whistle blow) is given, and participants mark on their scorecards which of the people they spoke to would they like to see again.

The organizers then review the lists and connect any match requests. Be sure to choose a speed dating company that does background checks on their members, for your safety and protection.

How many people will I meet at a speed date?

There are a variety of speed dating events available for all types of singles. Some are tailored to specific age groups while others are a choose-your-own adventure for romance. Be sure to check the event website to make sure you’re signing up for the right event for your needs.

Some events will provide participants with a list of questions that help break down the walls and cultivate meaningful conversations. Some, like Ambyr Club, will ask unique icebreakers that dig a little deeper than traditional first date questions.

Other speed dating experiences, such as CitySwoon, use a proprietary algorithm to select matches out of the larger crowd, giving you the best chance to connect with your most compatible match. CitySwoon’s speed dates are also held in handpicked venues that add to the dynamic energy of the event.

Can I bring a friend?

In a city where farm-to-fork dining is a way of life and the rivers are playgrounds for adventure, Sacramento is stepping up its game when it comes to speed dating. Introducing a new and exciting way to meet singles, CitySwoon brings the best of traditional speed dating to a whole new level.

Attend a Sacramento speed dating event and get paired up with up to 12 local singles, all selected out of the crowd based on your preferences. Chat with your matches for 4-5 minutes each and mark yes or no on your score sheet if you’re interested in meeting again.

All ages are welcome at CitySwoon events, from the youthful 20s to silver foxes. You can bring a friend to speed date with you for moral support or just to chat, but be sure they’re also single and signed up for the event!

Can I bring a friend to a speed date?

Friend Speed Dating is a fun way to meet new people while doing something you love. It’s also a great way to practice conscious relating, which is all about listening and being present with the person you’re talking to.

It’s best to come into a speed dating event with an open mind and a positive attitude. It’s helpful to prepare some conversation starters ahead of time, but remember that it’s all about being present in the moment.

If you’re feeling nervous, chewing gum can help calm your nerves and freshen your breath. Just make sure to keep it hidden, otherwise your dates might find it weird! Following the event, participants turn in their scorecards and may be asked to share contact information if they express mutual interest.

Can I bring a friend to a CitySwoon event?

If you’re interested in trying a new way to meet potential matches, check out CitySwoon virtual speed dating events. The site says they’re “focused on blending real-life, cloud-based, live virtual and properly online matchmaking”.

They say their cutting edge approach to matchmaking sets them apart from other speed dating experiences. They use a smart, patented algorithm to handpick a group of compatible people from a larger pool of attendees live at each event. This helps you more likely date people who resonate with you, making the experience feel like a match made in heaven (or at least by a super-clever super computer!).

Their events are held in a variety of cool venues and bask in the city’s buzz, adding to the energy of the event. They also offer a free chat feature for the matches you date at an event, giving you the chance to connect with them again, even after the event is over.

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