How to Use Words to Seduce a Woman by Text

Using text to seduce a woman is a powerful tool. It can create sexual tension and lead to a naughty encounter.

Avoid sending a lot of texts to her that are too personal and intimate. This can be a turn off for her.

How to Use Words to Seduce a Woman by Text
How to Use Words to Seduce a Woman by Text

Use emojis sparingly to tease her. Minor imperfections like misspellings can sub-communicate your light hearted personality and busy lifestyle.

1. Get Her Attention

A married woman has a lot to lose if she pursues a romantic or purely sexual relationship outside her marriage. As such, she will take that leap only when she’s convinced that you are genuine and trustworthy.

To demonstrate your sincerity, focus on building rapport and earning her trust before moving on to more sexy topics. Text her about things that interest you, and share your own thoughts and experiences in a way that’s natural and authentic.

Avoid over-sharing – too much information can be offputting and make her suspicious of your intentions. It’s also important to keep things light and playful – tease her with humorous anecdotes and jokes that show you’re confident without coming across as arrogant. This keeps the conversation fresh and engaging.

2. Make Her Feel Special

The key is to treat her like a lady and let her know you’re not just any girl. That means respecting her boundaries and letting her set the pace.

For example, don’t text her a lot of questions or open-ended replies. This can feel overwhelming and pushy.

Instead, send her short, playful texts that are a mix of personal and lightly intimate. This will help you build a connection while keeping her interested and engaged.

Compliment her on her appearance or her achievements. However, try to avoid complimenting her body parts because that can be viewed as insecure and needy. Instead, focus on her personality and positive traits. Showing vulnerability over text can be as simple as mentioning that you admire how she handles her challenges or that you admire her generosity.

3. Make Her Want You

Women want to feel desired. It’s important to show her that you want to seduce her but you have to be subtle and clever about it. If you push too hard or too fast, she may shut the door on your advances and run away.

One of the best ways to make her want you is to tease her a little bit. This can be done through text messages by using emojis and other flirty symbols. Another way to make her want you is to play with her imagination. This can be done by testing her boundaries and giving her a sexy challenge.

One thing to remember is not to send her nudes or other sexual images. Married women do not appreciate unsolicited pictures of their body parts.

4. Make Her Feel Needy

A married woman is not going to jump right into a romantic relationship or even a sexy textual affair with someone that she knows is already in a committed relationship. She will take the leap only when she is convinced that she can trust her new partner and that he is not a player.

She needs to be sure that she can rely on you for emotional support and companionship. If you do not provide her with that, she will begin to look for it in other sources.

A good way to make her feel needy for you is to flirt with her and send her emojis that show your playful side. But be careful not to go overboard, as she will see through cheesy texts that are designed solely to seduce her.

5. Make Her Feel Needy for You

A needy woman wants you to show the world that she’s all yours. She may overshare personal details about her life or her hope for a future of happiness with you. This is an attempt to create intimacy but it can be overly pushy.

Be careful not to turn her off with text messages that are too smutty or sexual. You want to keep your texts flirty and playful. Make her laugh and she will let down her guard.

When she starts putting you first and answering your texts or phone calls without missing a beat, this is a great sign that she’s needy for you. Beware of being too needy though, as it can be creepy and can lead to her resenting you.

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