Top 5 Date Ideas in Rochester, NY

If you and your partner are looking for a fun date idea, you can go to the Memorial Art Gallery. It is one of the most interesting and romantic things to do in Rochester.

Top 5 Date Ideas in Rochester, NY
Top 5 Date Ideas in Rochester, NY

Another great date idea is to go to Geva Theatre Center. This is a large performing arts center, and it is sure to have something that you both like.

The Memorial Art Gallery

Visit the Memorial Art Gallery for a journey through more than 5,000 years of human creativity. MAG features a comprehensive and well-balanced collection, as well as a dynamic schedule of exhibitions and educational programs year-round.

The Gallery’s current exhibitions are time sensitive, so make sure to check the website to see what will be on during your visit. Also, don’t forget to check out the Sculpture Park!

The University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is a private university in Rochester, NY. It is one of the top-ranked universities in the country and features a wide variety of academic programs. The university also offers students a unique opportunity to take a fifth year tuition-free.

The University of Rochester features many special programs for natural science majors, including a large research presence, lab positions, and specialized coursework. It also offers a flexible curriculum with no general education requirements.

The Powers Building

Rochester’s Powers Building has a beautiful nine-story atrium and is one of the city’s finest historic office buildings. It features marble floors, mahogany doors, and 15-foot ceilings.

The architect of this impressive structure was Andrew Jackson Warner. It was the first in upstate New York with “vertical railways,” which we now call elevators, and gas lighting. It also had a mansard roof, which Daniel Powers would add every time someone built a taller structure nearby.

The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre was built by producer Winthrop Ames, heir to an industrial fortune who rebelled against Broadway commercialism. He envisioned his small house as a place where actors and audiences would be in close proximity.

The Little Theatre was reborn as a legitimate theater in 1977 with Albert Innaurato’s Gemini, which ran for 1,788 performances. The play was an intimate family drama about a young man’s confusion about his sexual identity.

The Rochester International Jazz Festival

Located in downtown Rochester’s East End cultural and entertainment district, the multi-dimensional nine-day festival presents more than 1750 artists in 19 venues. It features legendary performers and familiar favorites along with rising stars and new discoveries.

Get a map and more information at the Visit Rochester booth on Jazz Street (Gibbs Street). The free official app is loaded with more features than ever!

The Savoia Pastry Shoppe

A Rochester tradition since 1929, Savoia Pastry Shoppe has gained a reputation throughout the area for its amazing Italian pastries and cakes. Its cookies, tier cakes and all-occasion cakes are all great choices for any occasion.

Loyal customers swear that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the bakery’s rum baba, and Easter isn’t complete without their anise bread. In addition to its baked goods, the store also features an inviting atmosphere.

The Pont De Rennes Bridge

In Rochester, a walk across the Pont de Rennes bridge in the Browns Race Historic District offers an unobstructed view of the High Falls and the river gorge. This wrought iron bridge was built in 1891 and originally carried vehicles as the Platt Street Bridge. It was renamed in 1982 for Rochester’s sister city in France.

Greentopia hosted a first-of-its-kind dinner event on the bridge, serving a nine-course meal catered by local restaurants. The event was a fundraiser for the organization.

Good Luck Restaurant

You can try tasty menudo, beef tacos and hamburgers at Good Luck Restaurant. This place features a nice atmosphere and welcoming staff. It is also known for offering delicious pancakes. Its clients give this spot high ratings. You can eat your meal with a cup of great coffee. Its reasonable prices are another advantage. The place is child-friendly. Its rating on Google is 4.4.

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