How to Date a Swedish Man

If you want to date a Swedish man, there are some things you need to keep in mind. For example, he will expect you to be honest with him. He will appreciate you if you mean what you say.

How to Date a Swedish Man
How to Date a Swedish Man

Also, he will probably invite you to fika, which is basically a coffee break in Sweden. This will be a casual social outing, but it can eventually lead to more dates.

1. Be yourself

Swedes value their independence so they can be hesitant to commit to anything. It’s important to respect their boundaries and avoid over-promising or chasing after them. Instead, try to leave no doubt in your intentions and mean what you say.

You’ll know when your Swedish boo has taken it to the next level by his invites to fika, weekend walks, and movies. He might also start giving you gifts without any prompting. You can thank him later!

2. Be patient

Swedes are very dedicated partners, but they also appreciate their independence. It is important to not put pressure on your Swedish date, which will probably come across as jealousy and possessiveness. Instead, try impressing him with subtle gestures such as understatements and arriving on time.

Also, remember that gender equality is a core value in Sweden. As a result, you should always be prepared to split the bill. Otherwise, they might assume you want sex! This can be a turn-off.

3. Be humble

Swedes believe in equality, which also extends to dating. So, women should not expect that the guy will always pay for her.

Instead of bragging about your accomplishments, subtly impress your Swedish date with understatements and gender equality. They also do not appreciate being kept waiting, so make sure to arrive on time for dates.

Additionally, they are not the most romantic of people and public displays of affection are rare. Unless your Swedish date initiates it, do not hold hands or kiss in public.

4. Be honest

Swedish men are known for their honesty and openness. They don’t appreciate insinuations or indirect wording. Always be direct and mean what you say.

They also value natural beauty over cosmetics. They’re not interested in women who use makeup to try to look perfect.

They prefer to date one person at a time, so you should expect no PDA until you’re in a serious relationship. They also expect their dates to split the check at restaurants. Unless he offers, you shouldn’t expect him to pay for the entire meal.

5. Be respectful

Swedes do not enjoy being ingratiated by gifts. They would much rather you be generous and kind without them asking for it back.

Once a relationship has progressed past fika and outdoor walks, you will know that the person is in a serious relationship with you. Don’t be surprised if you get invited to spend the night.

They also don’t appreciate being flirted with by other men once they have declared an exclusivity. So, make sure to be discreet.

6. Be honest with your feelings

Swedes appreciate straightforwardness and do not like to feel ingratiated. They also prefer sympathy over materialistic gain and want someone who will value them for their personality and not just their bank account.

Avoid lavish gifts and public displays of affection unless you’re ready for the next step. This may make your Swedish sweetheart feel uncomfortable and will likely send a signal that you’re not serious about him. It is better to focus on quality time together over video calls and other social media channels.

7. Be honest with him

While Swedish guys love being committed partners, they also value their independence. Therefore, don’t take it personally if he doesn’t respond immediately to your messages. He is just taking his time to assess if you are compatible with him.

In addition, you should also know that he may not want to start dating around. Meeting other people for fika is fine, but he will expect you to be monogamous with him.

8. Be honest with yourself

Swedish men are generally not into public displays of affection and prefer to take it easy in the relationship until they are certain that they want to settle down. They are also quite hesitant to interrupt anyone.

Do not try to impress your Swedish date with a list of accomplishments or expensive gifts, as this is considered arrogant and rude in Sweden. Instead, impress them with subtle understatements and gender equality. Also, be punctual as it is important to them.

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