How Old Crossdressers Aged

Cross-dressing served practical purposes in the Old West, such as disguises for criminals on the lam. It also helped women take jobs that were normally reserved for men. One example was Mrs. Nash, who served in the Seventh Cavalry as a laundry worker and was well-liked by her male colleagues.

How Old Crossdressers Aged
How Old Crossdressers Aged

Age catches up with everyone

A crossdresser’s body ages just like anyone else. It can suffer from back and knee problems, and it can also be affected by weight gain. However, some of these issues can be alleviated by using what is referred to as shapewear.

This type of clothing makes a man look thinner and more feminine, which can help him pass as female in public. In addition, it helps him keep in shape and explore different clothing styles. A crossdresser’s friends and family may be in shock when they learn about this lifestyle. However, it is important to remember that this is not a secret to keep.

The best part about being a mature crossdresser is the freedom of choice. Younger crossdressers who live with their families often struggle to find privacy, but older ones usually have their own homes, which gives them more freedom to practice and dress up more often. Moreover, older crossdressers can choose the type of dress they prefer to wear, which is not always possible for younger people.

Weight gain

As people age they can start to put on weight. This can make it harder for them to fit into the clothing that they enjoy wearing when cross dressing. It is important that they watch their diet and do what they can to maintain a healthy weight. This will help them enjoy their Cross Dressing even longer!

In the 21st century individuals have the agency to define and express their gender, sex, sexuality, and appearance in any way they want (Gainer 2000). Fashion has become more gender fluid and with modern medicine it is possible to change the biological sex of a person.

It is known that male cross dressers can reduce the testosterone levels in their body by taking female hormones, but it may also make them less sexually active and less prone to back and knee problems. Regardless of what hormone therapy they choose it is important that they maintain a good healthy lifestyle to avoid complications.

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