Exercises to Reduce What Are Love Handle Causes

Before you decide on exercises for love handles, you need to know what are love handle causes. Cortisol levels, lack of sleep, and a diet high in sugars and fats may all contribute to larger love handles. In extreme cases, larger love handles may be a sign of underlying diseases. Fortunately, there are several simple exercises to reduce love handles. Listed below are some of them. Listed below are some common causes of love handles.

Exercises to Reduce What Are Love Handle Causes
Exercises to Reduce What Are Love Handle Causes

Exercises to reduce love handles

Leg lifts are a great exercise for love handles because they target the obliques and abs. These muscles strengthen the core and help to maintain a good posture. In addition to reducing love handles, leg lifts improve your back, shoulder, and ab muscles. Begin by lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your hands below your head. Next, lift your upper body off the floor and touch the knee with your elbow. Slowly return to the resting position.


A high-protein, low-calorie diet is an excellent way to lose your love handles. For dinner, try serving protein-rich dishes made with skinless poultry, tofu, tempeh, and watery vegetables. You can also try tiger nuts, which are tubers that look like toasted corn kernels and taste like coconut. A half-cup serving of these nuts contains four grams of fiber and 60 calories.


If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your love handles, genetics may be the answer. Love handles are characterized by fatty deposits around the midsection. These pockets of fat can be felt and can appear above the hip bones or on the flanks. The cause of love handles can range from genetics to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. However, there are ways to combat your genetics and get rid of them permanently.


If you’re wondering why you have love handles, you may have high stress levels. Stress affects your weight by increasing cortisol, the “stress hormone.” While cortisol has many positive qualities, it can also cause weight gain, especially in the midsection. Here are three ways you can reduce your stress levels and get a flatter midsection. – Reduce your daily stress level. Doing yoga or meditation is an excellent way to decrease stress.

Lack of sleep

A lack of sleep can lead to a variety of health problems, including love handles and jiggly thighs. The hormone leptin, which regulates appetite and body weight, is affected by lack of sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll have a hard time controlling your cravings for carbs and fats. A lack of sleep also increases your body’s production of ghrelin, which increases hunger.

Medical conditions

Love handles are side waist flabs that are rarely found in anatomy books. However, middle-aged men often experience them. The average American male gains between five and ten pounds during his twenties and thirties. Excess fat in men tends to gather in the midsection, and the problem may be inherited or triggered by hormones. However, a doctor can help reduce love handle fat through a variety of treatments.


A surgeon who specializes in liposuction can remove stubborn love handles permanently using a tiny incision. During this procedure, the surgeon inserts a narrow tube, known as a cannula, into the fat layer in the back. The cannula is then moved back and forth in the fat layer, dissolving fat cells while remaining parallel to the skin. The fat cells are then suctioned out of the body.

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