Graduation Means It’s Single Mom’s Time To Play

Graduation Means It’s Single Mom’s Time To Play

Graduation is a huge milestone for a college student. All those years, and all that hard work, which culminates in a ceremony that none of us ever forget.

Graduation Means It's Single Mom's Time To Play
Graduation Means It’s Single Mom’s Time To Play

The celebration of accomplishment, and of all the potential for success in the adult world – just waiting for this graduating class to add its special touch to make the future a bigger, better, brighter place for those who follow.

We celebrate our grads, and rightly so, but as parents, standing in the shadows, we often get little credit for being the entire support structure behind these new stars shining so brightly beneath the cap and gown. Especially when you’re a single parent. Because you had to do it all alone, and so few people (including your offspring) realize the sacrifices you made, all along the way, to get your new little adult where they are today.

While your grad is gearing up for a summer internship, or focusing on getting a job to start supporting themselves, you finally get to take a breather. While they’re figuring out their future, you also have your own future to start forming! Your life is going to be vastly different, and you’d better figure out what to do with you, now that your primary role is over. Sound scary or overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be!

One easy way to graduate from being single parent to just single is to start finding relationships based on your interests, like going on actual dates instead of playdates. You haven’t had the time or energy to put into finding a relationship – but that excuse is now gone! Use your phone for more than scheduling appointments – your new adult can do that for themselves, now! Pick up your smartphone and start phone dating! Connect with local singles you’ve never met before, and start building a life you want, remembering that you have interests, needs and desires of your own, which others want to take part in!

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